The Bradshaw Bunch: ‘Terry’s In A Jam’ (Season 1, Episode 2)

A panic attack sidelines Terry Bradshaw right before a monster truck jam in season 1, episode 2. The Bradshaw Bunch needs to step up to get the family across the finish line.

In season 1, episode 1, Bradshaw Bunch recap, Terry had to solve problems with his three daughters. This time around, it’s more of an internal struggle.

A Monster of a Bradshaw Bunch Jam

Terry’s skills with a microphone are well-established. It’s when he gets into the action that he gets in over his head. He’s asked to host the Monster Truck Jam, and someone gets the bright idea of having him drive one of these beasts. He asks the whole Bradshaw Bunch to jam along, and he has no idea how glad he’ll be that he did.

Terry begins in a fine swagger, announcing that he’s rad and woke MF (he means woke AF, of course.) Driver Brianna, who greets the fam, shows him he has a ways to go before he’s woke MF, or AF. Terry hitches up his britches and bets competitive middle daughter Lacey that he’ll babysit for her. Only if she wins a race, though.

Lacey proves to be a natural in a practice race, driving the Whiplash truck. Terry gets jammed up trying to climb into his own truck. This causes him to hyperventilate and admit that “if I couldn’t get in, how could I get out?”

It’s now up to the rest of The Bradshaw Bunch to get the fam out of this jam. Youngest daughter Erin doesn’t like riding anything without four legs, but in the end she agrees to take her dad’s place.

Even without any practice, and in front of 60,000 people, Erin pulls out a surprise underdog win. Lacey is gracious in defeat, and Erin stuns in a beautiful victory gown. Husbands Noah and Scott are proud of the women, but nobody more so than Terry. That begs the question: did the old codger plan it all along?

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