Best Below Deck Christmas Gifts For 2023: Books, Merchandise & More

Best Below Deck Christmas Gifts For 2023: Books, Merchandise & More

Bravo’s Below Deck franchises have aired a total of 23 seasons so far and given viewers countless memories of crew working together (or bickering) to try and deliver demanding charter guests their very capricious wish. For superfans of the show stuck in the cold, what better gift over the holidays than something reminding them of their favorite show about people vacationing and working in paradise? You may not be able to afford buying them a Below Deck charter on a superyacht, but here are the best Below Deck christmas gifts for 2023.

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Best Below Deck Christmas Gifts: Books From The Stars

Chief Stew Daisy Kelliher and her friend Byrony Johnson show off their new recipe book

Chief Stew Daisy Kelliher and her friend Byrony Johnson show off their new recipe book (Instagram).

Many Below Deck fans favorite Chief Stew Kate Chastain was the first big star to write her own biography about working in yachting. In her book, Lucky Charming (available on Amazon), Kate retells the story about how she got into yachting and some of the wild stories about sex. money and celebs that happened aboard yachts she worked on. Originally published in 2016, Chastain’s Lucky Charming has a 4.5 out of 5 stars on Amazon from over 2,300 ratings.

Captain Lee Rosbach followed a couple of years later, with his book Running Against The Tide (available on Amazon). In his 2018 memoir, he retells his adult working life, starting with dangerous welding jobs up on top of metal towers way up in the sky. The book then details how he got into the yachting industry after failed bar business venture, and all the wild adventures he got up to on the open seas.

Below Deck Med‘s Captain Sandy Yawn released her own memoir at the start of 2023, entitled Be The Calm or Be The Storm: Leadership Lessons From A Woman At The Helm (available on Amazon).

Chief Stew Daisy Kelliher and her yachtie friend Byrony Johnson wrote a book together called Galley Girls – In The City (available on Amazon). The recipe book retells how the two yachties met and what are their favorite healthy meals to cook while living in London together.

BDSY’s Captain Glenn Shephard has mentioned he’s looking to also write a book soon, but he still hasn’t announced a release date.

Below Deck Merchandise Great For Stocking Stuffers

If books are out of the question, Bravo offers great Below Deck merchandise, including stemless wine glasses, T-shirts, mugs, tote bags, Christmas ornaments, crewnecks, pillows, water bottles, fanny packs, bucket hats, flasks, blankets, and more. Unfortunately Bravo is sold out of all their Below Deck swag, but all items will be restocked soon.

Despite the sold out merchandise on the Bravo website, Etsy offers an array of Below Deck Christmas gifts, too, including clothes, Christmas cards and decorations, as well as wrapping paper!

Below Deck Christmas Gifts: Cameo & DIY

Another great Below Deck gift is a Cameo shoutout of a fan’s favorite cast member. There are nearly 100 current and former Below Deck crew members to choose from. Other fans have made their own Below Deck DIY gifts, including a Below Deck version of Guess Who.

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