Outlast’s Seth Lueker: Marine Corps, IG, Harleys, Wife & More

Outlast's Seth Lueker: Marine Corps, IG, Harleys, Wife & More

Outlast‘s Seth Lueker is the quietest member of Team BearTooth/Charlie Team, but he’s $333,333 richer after winning the season. Aside from a little backlash for rejecting Javier Colon just before Javier’s last stand, he’s mostly dodged any online dragging. The critics do have a semi-valid point about the team mulling over accepting the shifty Justin Court but shunning Javier. The same can’t be said for his co-winners Paul Preece and Nick Radner. Nick got serious heat for doubting Angie Kenai before her raft journey to the crab pot island and his harsh attitude.

Meanwhile Paul’s defection to Charlie Team from Delta will dog him for a long time. The mountain man with the cast’s most epic beard could be called the ultimate winner of the season. However there isn’t a ton of info about him. Let’s review the little we do know about the elusive and reclusive Seth.

Outlast cast member Seth Lueker with his wife Elissa

Outlast cast member Seth Lueker with his wife Elissa (Instagram).

Outlast’s Seth Lueker: Marine Corps, Electrician Job, Harley, Car, Wife & Dogs

Seth shooting one of his guns

Seth shooting one of his guns (Instagram).

Seth is a badass biker and looks the part. He loves his Harley and will ride over 1,000 miles in a given weekend. For more polite trips, Seth favors his white 2-door Jeep Cherokee. It ain’t pretty, but it gets Seth into the wild where he enjoys being. He could probably fix his own bike, given that he literally graduated with a degree in Motorcycle Mechanics as per Seth’s LinkedIn. Seth served in the Marine Corps from 2011 to 2015 according to his page. While there, he was responsible for the maintenance of artillery sensors, making good use of his skill with machines. Without getting too deep into the technical aspects of what an Artillery Sensor Supportman does, Seth basically makes sure soldiers are getting accurate information.

The Virginia native is well suited to roughing it, and after his ordeal in Alaska on the show he relaxed by hiking the Appalachian Trail. A 500 mile hike on this trail, which crosses 14 states, was literally a walk in the park for Seth. It’s easy to see how Seth conquered the 9-mile final push to the finish on the show, and survived the tough Alaskan environment. Seth’s companion on his long hiking journey was his wife Elissa, a through-and-through Appalachian mountain woman. Elissa’s Instagram reveals that Seth and Elissa are dog parents to Alaskan Husky Kilo and Italian Mastiff Brindi. However, the happy couple have no human children, yet. Seth planned to start a family after winning the prize money.

Outlast’s Seth Lueker: Instagram, Facebook & Podcast Reunion

Seth with a buddy and their Harleys

Seth with a buddy and their Harleys (Instagram).

Seth has maintained good relationships with the his teammates, which makes sense given the tightness of the unit. He showed up in person for the inaugural episode of Paul’s “Between The Horns” podcast, where the team reconnected. (Nick and Angie attended the discussion over the phone.) While Seth’s Instagram shows that he’s happy to enjoy a celebratory cake with Paul, or a beer at Paul’s house, he mostly stayed quiet during the recording. Seth is also not that prolific of a social media user, with only 1559 followers on IG and 76 posts.

Seth’s Facebook exists, but it doesn’t reveal much in the way of new information. Apparently he is nicknamed “Thor” which fits, and he has, or had, a major problem with Japanese motorcycles. However, despite being a blue collar dude through and through, Seth appears to be very LGBTQ+ friendly. He’s featured at least on post by Lizzy The Lezzy on FB, and is a fan of posting using the hashtag #daddy on IG. He also has one IG picture with two female friends with the hashtag #instagay.  Seth appears to be just a friendly, down to earth guy who is easy to get along with and deserves his win.


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