Below Deck S11: Ben’s Ex Girlfriend Breakups & Boatmances Explained

Below Deck S11: Ben's Ex Girlfriend Breakups & Boatmances Explained

Australian Lead Deckhand Ben Willoughby is quite the ladies’ man. The young yachtie first starred on Below Deck season 10, where he was actually monogamous and only had eyes for stewardess-deckhand Camille Lamb at the start of the charter season. Even if Alissa Humber tried to hit on him. However, once Captain Sandy Yawn fired Camille — and the pop diva joined the long list of fired Below Deck cast members — Ben’s player side was revealed. Since then, the self-described “stew slayer” had other boatmances. Let’s take a look at Ben’s ex girlfriend breakups and boatmances from Below Deck.

On his first season, he quickly forgot how hard he was falling for Camille and started fooling around with replacement stewardess Leigh-Ann Smith. The two made out on crew nights out and spent the last night in a guest cabin. However, Ben claims nothing happened because he was still thinking about Camille.

Camille and Ben together on their trip in the Dominican Republic

Camille and Ben together on their trip in the Dominican Republic (Instagram).

Alissa and Camille both competed for Ben’s affection right from the get-go. However, Camille’s dirty dancing and blonde pop star charm won Willoughby over. The two started hooking up and cared little for who had to hear the two going at it. Ben repeatedly kept sleeping with Camille while his poor cabin mate, deckhand Tony Duarte tried to sleep on the bottom bunk.

Below Deck Lead Deckhand Ben’s Ex Girlfriend Breakups & Boatmances Explained

Ben and Leigh-Ann in their apartment together in Florida when they dated after Below Deck season 10

Ben and Leigh-Ann in their apartment together in Florida when they dated after Below Deck season 10 (Instagram).

Ben and Camille said a lot of sweet nothings to each other, and both said they were falling for each other. Camille even visited Ben on a crew night out after her firing. Despite the two keeping in close contact via DMs once Camille left, Ben almost completely forgot about her once Leigh-Ann arrived. But by the end of the charter season, he decided to let her down easy. He chased after Camille and the two reconnected on romantic trip in the Dominican Republic.

Once that trip ended, Ben flew back to Australia, but he soon after moved to Florida to be with Camille. However, upon his arrival, he claims he realized Camille was cheating on him.

“I’d been in Australia for about two weeks and then I decided to fly back to see her because she was missing me. She said she really wanted to be with me in Florida, so I made the decision to head over to Florida. Got there and decided she wasn’t faithful. We’re not in touch anymore, but I think I got her at her best,” Ben told E! News.

Camille set the record straight with her own account. She claims she didn’t cheat on Ben because he never made her his girlfriend. Camille ended up dating Below Deck Med star Bobby Giancola for a time.

Meanwhile, Ben — with a broken heart — rebounded by dating and moving into a place in Florida with Leigh-Ann. She claims they spent a few months together doing everything with one another. However, after discussing him coming to stay with her in her homeland of South Africa, Ben ended up taking another job. When Below Deck season 10 started airing, Ben ghosted Leigh-Ann. Around this time in early 2023, Ben started filming Below Deck season 11 in Grenada.

Ben Tries Dating Multiple Women On Below Deck Season 11

Below Deck S11: Are Ben And Sunny Still Together?

Ben and Sunny on Below Deck season 11 (Bravo).

“I needed a space to actually have my own thoughts, make my own decisions in stead [sic] of someone trying to force me to fall for them. I felt like I was gaslighted into thinking I was wrong for loving Camille and that’s not what someone who says they have you’re [sic] best interest at heart would do,” Ben responded to Leigh-Ann’s accusations.

The latest Casanova in the Below Deck series tried his best to try and date multiple women on Below Deck season 11. Early on in the charter season, the lead deckhand started flirting relentlessly with Canadian-Quebecer Marie “Sunny” Marquis. The two ended up in a full-blown boatmance on the show. However, things weren’t all roses.

“I feel disrespected in many ways,” Sunny told Ben after he started hitting on another girl on superyacht St. David. “If you go and touch another girl’s [bleep] that is just not okay, Ben.”

So far we don’t know who else Ben tried to date on Below Deck season 11. However, it’s most likely between either brunette South African stewardess Xandi Olivier or blonde replacement stewardess Paris Fields.

Whatever the case may be, it looks like Sunny put Ben in line. The reality TV couple don’t have photos together, but some pictures hint that Ben and Sunny are still together after Below Deck season 11.

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