Are Daisy & Colin Still Together After Below Deck Sailing Yacht

Are Daisy & Colin Still Together After Below Deck Sailing Yacht Season 4

Below Deck Sailing Yacht season 4‘s previews long teased the love triangle brewing among Chief Stewardess Daisy Kelliher, First Officer Gary King, and Chief Engineer Colin MacRae. Well, after slight flirtations between Colin and Daisy on Parisfal III in Sardinia, Italy, the two started openly hooking up midway through the charter season. Colin, single after breaking up with his latest ex girlfriend, began to catch a bit of feelings for Daisy, taking her side in her arguments with King. As things progressed through the rest of the season, the two became very affectionate with one another and hooked up on crew nights out. But, are Daisy and Colin still together after filming Below Deck Sailing Yacht season 4 and the disastrous BDSY season 4 reunion?

Gary, being a self-centered attention-seeker (i.e. narcissist), got jealous about Colin and Daisy fooling around. Apparently since he made out with Daisy in the hot tub on BDSY season 3, and possibly hooked up, he was Daisy as his. Despite Gary chasing after much younger stewardess, Mads Herrera, in season 4, King cad couldn’t handle seeing another guy getting action on the boat. Although Gary’s jealousy failed to sabotage Daisy and Colin’s boatmance while on charter, the relationship outside the show was ill-fated.

Are Daisy And C0lin Still Together After BDSY Season 4: Two Breakups & Another Woman

Colin and Daisy in an LA hotel room recording a PIta Party podcast episode

Colin and Daisy in an LA hotel room recording a Pita Party podcast episode (YouTube).

“I think it naturally happened. Obviously Colin’s a good-looking guy. But for me it was always a friendship. When you’re friend with someone for that long and they have a partner you put them in the friend zone. So I wasn’t exactly foreseeing it or excited, but I usually make out with people I’m friends with,” Daisy said in an interview with E! News when BDSY season 4 started airing.

When asked if she’s single in the same interview, the Irish blonde bombshell confirmed she’s not in a committed relationship.

“Yeah, pretty much. There’s no exclusive label, let’s put it that way.”

That shouldn’t really surprise fans since the boatmances throughout the Below Deck series pretty much have a 100% fail rate. On top of that, Daisy lives in London when she’s not working as a yachtie on boats around the world, while Colin refurbished a hurricane-damaged Catamaran sailboat years ago, where he lives most of the year, sailing around the world, documenting his adventures at sea for his YouTube channel Parlay Revival.

However, Daisy and Colin revealed far more about their “toxic relationship on the two-part BDSY season 4 reunion. Colin and Daisy’s relationship and breakup timeline is complicated, but we’ll give readers a brief summary.

The two co-stars started “hooking up” while staying in a hotel in Sardinia, Italy, before starting filming season 4. Once on the boat, Colin told Daisy he was hooking up with one of his Parlay Revival crew members, but that they weren’t an item. Daisy claims she put up a defensive wall at that point. She ended up kissing deckhand Alex Propson on the first crew night out. Despite her reservations, she and Colin began to hook up a few charters in and start an official boatmance.

Colin felt betrayed by both Gary and Daisy when he found out they had a fling after BDSY season 3 midway through season 4, after he and Daisy started a relationship.

Colin confirmed they broke up at the end of the charter season, when he again started seeing his now-girlfriend Brittany Amodeo.

Daisy And Colin Dated Off Show Again, Then Split

Daisy on the romantic trip to Mexico with Colin back in October 2022

Daisy on the romantic trip to Mexico with Colin back in October 2022 (Instagram).

Then in the middle of Sept. 2022, Daisy attended an international boat show with Colin’s Parlay Revival crew. They also met up in October to go on a two-week romantic Mexico vacation. After that, they flew to LA at their former co-star Chef Marcos Spaziani‘s restaurant.

Colin and Daisy hanging out in LA together

Colin and Daisy hanging out in LA together (Instagram).

Daisy and Colin also posted some Instagram photos of them traveling together on a motorcycle back in Oct. 2022 outside LA. Daisy hopped on the back as Colin drove a Harley Davidson bike on his birthday.

BDSY co-stars Daisy and Colin taking a selfie together while traveling on motorcycle together

BDSY co-stars Daisy and Colin taking a selfie together while traveling on motorcycle together (Instagram).

Daisy’s recent comments on social media on the season 4 reunion suggest she got a bad edit on BDSY season 4, and that Colin’s no saint.

Daisy claims the relationship was always toxic because Colin again hooked up with his now-girlfriend while they were on a break, helping sink their boatmance.

“So then to find out from my crew members a couple of months after we had broken up, that he was now in a serious relationship with this woman, it was very shocking for me to hear, very hurtful. And the toxicity was always there because the trust was never there,” Daisy said on the reunion.

“We were kind of bouncing around together for a little while, and then it kind of turned a little toxic, I would say, and I ended things around December [of] last year,” Colin said on the reunion.

Colin announced on Instagram he traveled to a remote island in the French Polynesia, midway between South America and Australia in the South Pacific Ocean. Colin tends to have a revolving door of beautiful women among his crew, including three ladies on his latest adventure, including Brittany.

BDSY star Colin MacRae fishing with his girlfriend crew members abord his sailboat Parlay

BDSY star Colin MacRae fishing with his girlfriend Brittany and other crew members aboard his sailboat Parlay Revival (Instagram).

Colin is not returning on Below Deck Sailing Yacht season 5, while both Daisy and Gary returned. Fans suspect Daisy and Gary are dating on BDSY season 5 because they appeared to share the same hotel room in Ibiza, Spain, where the latest season is filming.

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