BDSY: Daisy Claims Bad Edit After Fans Bash Her Flirting With Gary

BDSY: Daisy Claims Bad Edit After Fans Bash Flirting With Gary

Below Deck Sailing Yacht star Daisy Kelliher is still taking heat for shamelessly flirting with co-star Gary King on season 4 while dating Colin MacRae. The yachtie chief stewardess started fooling around with MacRae midway through BDSY season 4. King, despite hooking up with stewardess Mads Herrera, immediately became jealous after finding out his two friends started a boatmance. He revealed him and Daisy had a romantic relationship at the end of BDSY season 3 and hooked up on a trip to LA. No one blamed Daisy for dating Gary, other than that he’s a huge womanizer, until she continued to shamelessly flirt with him even after she and Colin were in a boatmance.

Daisy was flooded with negative comments on Twitter and Instagram about her behavior on the latest season of BDSY. Fans couldn’t believe she kept letting Gary be touchy feely and flirty when she was hooking up with Colin. Instead of telling him to take a hike, she would smile and join in with her own flirtations. When at the preference sheet meeting for the gay throuple charter guests, she teased Gary, asking if he’d be the garnish in her and Colin’s relationship.

Daisy Claims Bad Edit On BDSY Season 4 & That Colin Acted Poorly Too

Colin and Daisy hanging out in LA together

Colin and Daisy hanging out in LA together (Instagram).

Daisy got hit with such a swell of negative comments she started commenting in her Instagram comments defending herself.

“We are all trying and we all made mistakes. None of us are more innocent than the other. Colin and I both [bleeped] up in different ways. We made it work until it turned sour. But that’s life, fine line between love and hate but I refuse to take full responsibility for this mess. We all have our part to blame and lots didn’t get aired and lots happens pre and post show,” Daisy said in one comment noted by fans fans on Reddit.

“If Colin was perfect I would know that. If I was perfect life would be different. None of us are perfect and I’m okay with that. What’s important is we are good people,” she added.

Bravo just released a trailer for the two-part BDSY season 4 reunion. In the teaser, Colin says, “This is why the relationship turned toxic. You can’t reason with this woman.” Daisy then gets upset and leaves her chair on her webcam during the reunion.

On Twitter, Daisy also claimed Colin was flirting with another crew member.

“He was flirting with someone too you just don’t see [because] A) it was boring and B) they didn’t really air it.”

Whatever happened, we know Colin and Daisy’s relationship timeline goes long than the end of filming of BDSY season 4.

Fans suspect Colin had a crush on Chef Ileisha Dell. We’ll have to wait for the two-part reunion to find out more, first airing on Monday, July 17 at 9 PM EST on Bravo. Meanwhile, check out Below Deck Sailing Yacht season 4 reunion spoilers here.

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