Ross From Below Deck Season 10: Bosun’s IG, Age, Girlfriend & More

Ross From Below Deck Season 10: Bosun's IG, Age, Girlfriend & More

Below Deck season 10‘s Bosun Ross McHarg appears to be the next boatmance Casanova following in Below Deck Sailing Yacht star Gary King‘s trail of heartbreak. From the premiere episode, Ross alludes to his difficulties resisting the temptation of female crew members. He’s definitely going to leave quite the impression on superyacht St. David with a couple of the ladies according to Below Deck season 10’s trailer’s spoilers. Find out more about Ross from Below Deck season 10, including his girlfriend, Instagram, age, past work history, home country and more.

Below Deck Season 10’s Bosun Ross’s Age, Birthday, Jobs, Instagram & More

Bosun Ross McHarg's Instagram

Below Deck season 10 Bosun Ross McHarg enjoying a drink while traveling (Instagram).

Bosun Ross McHarg is 38 years-old and celebrates his birthday is on March 12, according to a Facebook post. Ross’s zodiac sign is Pisces, which explains his the duality of his nature. On the show, Ross was age 37, a lot older than the girls he was hooking up with.

On Below Deck season 10, Ross gets in boatmances with at least two female crew members on Below Deck season 10. Deckhand Katie Glaser and Stewardess Alissa Humber both fall for his charm. The previews for the show make it pretty clear he’s first hooking up with Katie, but then starts to fool around with Alissa, too. Somehow we doubt this love triangle ends well.

On top of juggling multiple boatmances, Ross has his work cut out for him on Below Deck season 10. Motor yacht St. David requires more work than the smaller My Seanna, the well-known superyacht from previous seasons. He’ll have to manage his jilted insubordinate Katie, Deckhands Tony Duarte and Ben Willoughby, as well as Deckhand-Stew Camille Lamb,

Ross, originally from the UK, now lives in Asia. He began yachting after he heard about it while working as a ski instructor in Europe 12 years ago. Since then, he’s worked on about 26 yachts, rising to the rank of bosun. He loves adventure, travel and meeting new people.

Ross’s Instagram reveals he recently traveled in countries like Mexico, Costa Rica and Indonesia.

Below Deck Season 10 Trailer Showing Ross & Alissa's Romance

The Below Deck season 10 trailer also reveals Ross fooling around with stew Alissa Humber, too (Bravo).

Below Deck Season 10 Trailer Clip Shows Bosun Ross & Deckhand Katie In Boatmance

Below Deck season 10 trailer clip shows Bosun Ross McHarg & Deckhand Katie Glaser fooling around in the hot tub (Bravo).

Bosun Ross’s Girlfriend Miki After Below Deck Season 10

Below Deck Season 10 Bosun Ross & girlfriend Miki

Below Deck season 10 Bosun Ross McHarg traveling with apparent girlfriend, Miki since filming Below Deck season 10 (Instagram).

Fans are going to have to continue to wait for a boatmance that lasts. Ross is dating a 3rd year psychology student named Miki. She’s currently traveling in Bali and is a yoga instructor, too.

Ross's Girlfriend Miki After Below Deck Season 10

Bosun Ross’s girlfriend Miki after Below Deck season 10 (Instagram).

Ross and Miki’s relationship appears to be close, as they recently spent time with what looks like Miki’s mom.

Ross And Miki With What Looks Like Her Mom

Ross and Miki in Bali, Indonesia, with what appears to be her mom (Instagram).

Although Ross, an older Harry-Styles lookalike, doesn’t post on his Instagram at all these days, he’s tagged in several pictures with his much younger girlfriend.

Ross's Girlfriend Miki Lounging In Bali

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