What Happened To Matt And Colleen After Love Is Blind Season 3

What Happened To Matt And Colleen After Love Is Blind Season 3

When you have an actual psychologist asking “What happened to Matt and Colleen?”, you know that LIB Nation is never going to rest. Matt Bolton and Colleen Reed might be indirectly responsible for trigger warnings on future episodes of Love Is Blind. There are as many messages alleging Matt as a suspected abuser as there are tweets praying for Colleen’s safety. On the one hand, it’s hard to blame fans for having these reactions after watching Matt’s repeated and shocking blowups. Colleen’s fearful behavior during the reunion episode certainly did not help matters. On the other hand, the intense pressure of the show, the pods and the alcohol may have triggered the ugly reactions. We just don’t know, but Colleen spoke out defending Matt as very loving and not abusive in the least.

Still, fans are questioning the safety of the show itself. Did striking out with Brennon Lemieux and Cole Barnett push the driven Colleen into an unsafe situation? Did the producers fail to uncover Matt’s red flags? Given what’s emerged about SK (Sikiru) Alagbada’s alleged cheating and the related legal proceedings, a lack of due diligence seems possible. Or was the whole thing manipulated to play on the contestants’ insecurities? We all remember that first teaser that made it look like Colleen had succumbed to Cole’s advances. And at the very tense reunion episode, the Lacheys and the other contestants grilled Cole Barnett and Bartise Bowden and mostly left Matt alone. Given that Matt and Colleen still haven’t moved in together, we might get an answer once that happens. For now, let’s see what happened to Matt and Colleen since the show wrapped.

Matt And Colleen Celebrating Her Golden Birthday Right Before Halloween

Colleen celebrating her golden birthday with her husband Matt after Love Is Blind season 3 (Instagram).

What Happened To Matt And Colleen? Keeping Up Appearances

Love Is Blind Season 3 Married Couple Matt And Colleen In Spain

Matt and Colleen on a romantic trip in Spain (Instagram).

If their feeds are anything to go by they certainly look like they are deeply in love and are having fun. They seem to spend a lot of time drinking, dancing, golfing, skiing, and taking romantic boat trips together. They’ve shared photos of a trip to Spain and are planning to go to Italy together next. Matt’s appeared in more than one an IG photo with Brennon, suggesting that the two married guys from season 3 are good friends. He and Colleen also seem to have had a fun night out with Brennon and Alexa. Considering how vocal Alexa Lemieux was toward Cole at the reunion about his behavior, it’s unlikely she would stay quiet if she was worried for Colleen’s safety.

Double date night of Love Is Blind Season 3 Married Couples Colleen & Matt, Alexa & Brennon

If what we saw on the show is any reflection of the real world, however, the trouble with these two starts when things get difficult. Matt’s buddies didn’t hide the fact that he tends to yell when things go wrong. And Colleen is in no way responsible for Matt’s actions, but she does have a tendency to hide her feelings. Her own parents confirmed that when they appeared on the show. If something was really wrong, would she say so? Once again, we just don’t know and that’s what’s potentially scary.

Matt and Colleen plan to move in together in 2023. They already spend almost every day together however, going back and forth from their two apartments.

Breaking Down The Walls

One thing we have to remember is that Colleen is very, very good at PR: it’s her job. You want to believe her when she explains her looking down at the floor at the reunion as being uncomfortable with having to watch the pool party from hell again. She also talks a lot about how Matt built her up during that day. But is the professional ballerina dancing around their relationship issues? Time will tell. For his part, Matt has reflected on his actions and publicly owned his behavior, but he’s never talked about what he’s doing to deal with the problem. The From everything we’ve seen, the most likely explanation is that these are two people who manage their issues instead of getting them out in the open. It’s great that they surround themselves with friends and supportive people, but no crisis management system is perfect. If they really want to disprove their critics, they will have to go deeper.

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