Love Is Blind’s Colleen: Dancer/PR Jobs, Age, Instagram, More

Love Is Blind’s Colleen: Dancer/PR Jobs, Age, Instagram, More

It’s hard to believe that a tiny dancer like Love is Blind‘s Colleen Reed could go from heroine to villain so fast. We’re still not exactly sure how it happened. The former sorority girl and party-hearty PR strategist definitely made a “cuckoo kazoo” decision. Maybe she was the unwilling victim of bad boy realtor Cole Barnett‘s charms. Or maybe she deliberately instigated things with Cole. Something got in the way of her and Matt Bolton‘s happily ever after, because Matt’s blowup in the teaser at the end of Episode 4 was definitely not “litty like a titty”. As we ponder how it all went wrong, let’s review what we do know about Love Is Blind‘s Colleen Reed, including her Instagram, PR/ballerina dancer jobs,

Love Is Blind‘s Colleen Reed’s Ballerina & PR Jobs, Instagram, Twitter

Love Is Blind's Colleen Reed Performing Ballet

Love Is Blind‘s Colleen Reed performing ballet as a professional ballerina (Instagram).

Oklahoma and Texas have an infamous rivalry. Maybe a union between proud Texan Matt and dyed-red Sooner Colleen could never have worked. Not even the hot sex with Matt that Colleen bragged about to Nancy Rodriguez seems to have been enough. But with her former affiliations to Alpha Phi, Lambda Chi Alpha, and Delta Tau Delta, Colleen has definitely participated in her share of wild behavior. She’s also quite the athlete, having played basketball in addition to dancing for ballet companies in five different states. Currently, she dances for Ballet North Texas and has trained under some seriously elite coaches. Despite her outward “Colleen Jellybean” persona, this is a girl who hates to lose. She also doesn’t seem to like being underestimated, as she storms out of the pod after Cole breaks the news that he isn’t choosing her.

Love Is Blind's Colleen Reed Dancing Ballet in Red Too-too

Love Is Blind‘s Colleen Reed dancing in ballet in red too-too dress (Instagram).

Also, she’s a PR strategist for Fractl who knows how to maintain “a strong brand presence.” She studied public relations at the University of Oklahoma.

Colleen’s Instagram reveals she also likes to party and travel to places likes Spain and Mexico in her spare time.

Love Is Blind's Colleen Partying In Arizona

Love Is Blind‘s Colleen’s Birthday, Age, Zodiac Sign

Colleen Celebrating Her October 28th Birthday

Love is Blind‘s Colleen Reed celebrating her October 28th birthday. She’s about to turn age 27 (Instagram).

Colleen Reed was born on October 28, and is 26 years-old, about to turn age 27 on October 26, 2022. This explains her Scorpio nature, which gives her a need for control. On the show Colleen was age 25 when she got engaged to Matt. Colleen and Matt’s age gap is less than the other couples from the show.

Do Colleen & Matt End Up Together After Love Is Blind Season 3?

Are Colleen & Matt Still Together After Love Is Blind Season 3

Fans want to know if Colleen & Matt are still together after Love is Blind season 3 (Netflix).

Colleen was actually rejected twice on Love is Blind season 3: once by Cole, but also by Brennon Lemieux, who apparently dodged a bullet. The savvy cowboy was already carrying a torch for Alexa Alfia and shut things down quickly. However, Colleen seems to have been the one who got a fire lit under her. Perceptive viewers would have noticed how she claimed to be a foodie but hadn’t heard of sashimi.

Cole, who knows a thing or two about being superficial, told her in a pretty dickish comment that he wasn’t interested in a “surface-level” marriage. Colleen had a right to be pissed about that one, but that doesn’t mean Cole hadn’t accurately sized her up.

All of the above points to a pretty dire possible conclusion. Could Colleen have seen Matt as an opportunity to stay competitive during the show? Doubtless Colleen’s ability to play hard helped her in the often cutthroat world of ballet. When it comes to finding love, a competitive tendency can break new relationships in a heartbeat. Was her pulling close to Matt real love, or was it just relief at not having to go home empty handed? We hope this isn’t true, but it’s the most likely theory as of press time. Maybe we’ll be proven wrong, but, previews for the next episodes have us doubting it very much.

Finally, Colleen’s wedding ring from the show doesn’t appear anywhere on Colleen’s finger these days. Also, it looks like she goes after Cole in later episodes. On top of that, Matt makes it pretty clear he can’t marry her after he sees the betrayal. The poor guy, he even told Colleen he had already had a girl break his heart when his high school sweet heart cheated on him and had a baby with the other man.

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