The Ultimatum: Where Are They Now (All The Show’s Cast)

The Ultimatum: Where Are They Now (All Cast Members)

Netflix’s Love Is Blind fans were skeptical a dating experiment show where long-term boyfriends and girlfriends split up and dated someone new could help a relationship. But boy did reality TV show The Ultimatum deliver. The show hit the top of Netflix charts in many countries around the world. A lot of cast members were serious about giving their loved one a decision to make a full-life commitment to their relationship or to walk away. And the show’s experiment did just that for all the couples involved. So what happened to the Texan couples after the show ended. Let’s look at where The Ultimatum cast are now.

Colby and Madlyn Got Married, Pregnant & Had A Baby

A lot happened to Colby and Madlyn since the two mended their relationship and got engaged and married on the same day while on The Ultimatum.

Madlyn Kissinger (formerly Ballatori) got pregnant a few months later after the show ended in April of 2021. She gave birth to her and Colby’s first child, Josie, on May 2, 2022, not long after the show aired on Netflix.

The Ultimatum Star Madlyn Gives Birth To Baby Girl With Husband Colby By Her Side

The Ultimatum star Madlyn and her husband Colby’s daughter was born on May 2, 2022, and the birth was announced on Madlyn’s Instagram stories (Instagram).

The Ultimatum: Madlyn & Colby Share First Baby Pictures of Baby Girl Josie With Fans After Birth

Colby is working hard at his job as a project manager at a rental property company, per his LinkedIn. Madlyn, who seems to be spending lots of time with their baby, works as project coordinator at a trucking company.

Colby also promote his parent’s family business, a wine bar. Madlyn and Colby live with their daughter in Spring, Texas.

Madlyn also celebrated her 26th birthday on August 27.

What Happened To Rae & Zay After The Ultimatum

Rae Williams and Zay Wilson’s relationship ended in heartbreak and disaster. Rae was interested in pursuing a relationship with Jake Cunningham when they swapped couples. however, that fizzled out after cameras stopped rolling. Zay and Rae apparently started hooking up again and Jake tried to mend things with April. Meanwhile, Zay and Shanique became friends and confidantes, and nothing romantic happened.

The Ultimatum's Rae Williams' Instagram account

At The Ultimatum‘s reunion, Rae revealed she was dating a girl and she was coming out as bisexual. However, when fans asked her about her mysterious girlfriend on her Instagram stories, Rae said she’s now single and going to therapy. But on Rae’s TikTok, which has over 430,000 followers, in September she revealed the girl she dated after the show was a girl named Layanna. In a TikTok video, Rae and Layanna look back at each other with captions saying they used to hook up and now give each other relationship advice. In the comments, Rae confirmed she was the girl she was talking about at the reunion.

Rae appears to work as a full-time fashion influencer on her Instagram and TikTok, where she promotes sponsored content. She also likes to hang out on yachts with her girlfriends.

Zay on the other hand has enjoyed clubbing with influencers since the show aired and getting sponsorship deals with companies like Manscaped. Zay works as a model, influencer and club promoter. He spends his spare time giving to charity, such as playing at golf and basketball tournaments to raise money for good causes.

What Happened To April & Jake After The Ultimatum

Jake Cunningham rejected April Melohn and gaslit her for giving her number to a guy at the club at the same time he was fooling around with Rae. At the end of the experiment, he told Rae he wanted to go away on a trip. That never happened. After April and Jake broke up, April met a new man who was more mature and quite wealthy.

April’s boyfriend Cody B. Cooper is a real estate broker who loves living a luxurious lifestyle. He flies on private jets and and is building a house in Mexico. April and Cody live in a large house together and enjoy having pool parties in the backyard with friends.

The two have also discussed having kids in the near future, something that’s very important to April, who wants to be mom soon. The couple also visited Colby and Madlyn in the summer and got to see their baby Josie. It looks like April and Madlyn are now friends after being hostile to one another on the show. Perhaps that The Ultimatum drama was fake.

April is a successful influencer with over 218,000 followers on TikTok and 460,000 followers on Instagram.

Meanwhile, Jake went to college to become a barber after the show aired. Jake’s Instagram and TikTok don’t have a lot of posts on them, so it appears he keeps most of his life private. He’s also been spending time in Las Vegas.

What Happened To Shanique & Randall After The Ultimatum

Randall Griffin and Shanique Imari are going strong since The Ultimatum experiment. The couple moved in together and seem to do a lot together, including date nights, traveling and hanging out at home.

Randall works as a senior cloud analyst at Oracle. Shanique works a fashion entrepreneur with her lingerie clothing line Syn’s Closet and as an influencer on Instagram, where she has over 266,000 followers. Shanique also has 90,000 followers on her TikTok.

What Happened To Hunter & Alexis After The Ultimatum

Alexis Maloney became Alexis Parr after she married Hunter Parr in the summer of 2022. Hunter’s mom is a wedding planner who helped them plan the big day. Alexis and Hunter spent their honeymoon in Greece.

Hunter works as a tech executive. Alexis is a beauty and skincare influencer selling products online. Alexis’s Instagram has over 225,000 followers.

What Happened To Nathan & Lauren After The Ultimatum

Nathan Ruggles and Lauren Pounds are still going strong after The Ultimatum. Although fans thought Nathan only proposed to Lauren because none of the women wanted to partner up with him for the experiment, it turns out he did it because he genuinely wanted to marry Lauren and get her off the show because she had severe anxiety.

The two are getting married in the start of October, according to Lauren’s Instagram.

They’re also traveling to Colorado, Switzerland and Turkey this fall. Laruen said on Instagram that the couple plan to move to Colorado to live in that state for a few years. However, she says they own a home in Austen, Texas, where they live 15 minutes for both their parents.

Nathan owns his own real estate development company. Lauren quit her nine-to-five job and now works as a bartender. Lauren and Nathan eventually plan to launch a business together, too.

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