Below Deck Sailing Yacht: Captain Glenn’s Girlfriend Revealed

Below Deck Sailing Yacht Captain Glenn Shephard's Secret Girlfriend Danelis "Dani" Jimenez

Below Deck Sailing Yacht star Captain Glenn Shephard sure played coy in letting fans know who his special lady is in his life. The Bravo star from Montreal started dating his girlfriend, Danelis “Dani” Jimenez before he first set sail on sailing superyacht Parsifal III on his hit show. Captain Glenn’s girlfriend remained a mystery to fans for years after viewers noticed the captain had a picture of a woman in his cabin quarters. Turns out Captain Glenn was in a long-term relationship with Dani all this time.

Captain Glenn on Below Deck Sailing Yacht season 1

Captain Glenn on Below Deck Sailing Yacht season 1 (Bravo).

“Ok times up, it’s time to shed a little light on the mystery woman. Danelis or as I prefer to call her Mia Moore, is from the Dominican Republic,” Captain Glenn said in an Instagram post accompanied with a photo of his girlfriend Dani on his sailboat.  “We first started dating back before the first season of BDSY, I was based in Genoa and she was living in Milan.”

Captain Glenn also explained why they waited to make their relationship public.

Captain Glenn's Girlfriend Danelis 'Dani' Jimenez In Switzerland

Captain Glenn’s girlfriend Danelis ‘Dani’ Jimenez in Switzerland (Instagram).

“We’ve been hesitant to share our relationship online, let’s just say it’s been a bit ‘complicated’,” Glenn continued in his caption. “You’re just going to have to trust me on this.”

The Below Deck fan-favorite captain also dished on how smitten he is with Danelis.

“Now that I’ve got a lot more free time we’re able to spend most of our time together, mostly cruising on our little boat Avalon and when the weather is cold, traveling. Of course I think she’s very attractive, at the risk of being cliche, I fall in love again every time I look in her eyes, but to me that’s just a bonus as she’s one of the best people and coolest chicks I’ve ever met, I feel very fortunate to have her in my life. She’s completely crazy, but lucky for me, exactly my kind of crazy.”

Below Deck Sailing Yacht Captain Glenn’s Girlfriend Isn’t His Fiancée Despite Rumors

Captain Glenn’s picture of Danelis showed her wearing what appeared to be a diamond ring on her left ring finger, leading fans to think they got engaged. However, later on in his IG post he explained that they aren’t engaged.

“As I said in a previous update, that ring is just costume jewellery (I don’t even want to guess what that would be worth if it were real, but that’s not our style) which happened to be on the wrong or right finger, neither of us are engaged nor married but we are deeply in love.”

A month ago BDSY fans speculated he was engaged to Dani after he took a picture of her on a plane in first class with what looked like an engagement ring.

You go Captain Glenn!
by u/Wizzmer in belowdeck

Captain Glenn also explained that the couple have a “complicated” relationship because of the language barrier they face. Captain Glenn’s mother tongue is English, meanwhile Dani’s is Spanish.

“Our relationship is a bit complicated due to language differences, we communicate in a bastardized form of Spanglish, with about 80% being butchered Span and the remaining 20% broken Glish,” Shephard explained.

“The crazy thing is it works, we kinda have an unspoken language, and we rarely have big arguments as we simply lack the linguistic tools to express that depth of resentment, it’s at these moments that I call her Danelis, luckily they are rare and short lived.”

Captain Glenn Loves His Girlfriend Accepting His Goofiness

Captain Glenn. age 61, continued to gush about his longtime partner Dani in his IG post.

“The best thing about her is she doesn’t seem to be too phased by how goofy I look and the fact that she puts up with all my silliness. Oh and she seems to genuinely enjoy cruising on a little sailboat despite the inherent privations. All in all, a match made in heaven. And now you guys know who that woman in the photo is above the bed in my cabin.”

Dani’s age is a mystery, but she’s significantly younger than Shephard.

For years fans wondered if Glenn secretly had a girlfriend because previous seasons of BDSY he had pictures of a mystery woman in his cabin, which turned out was Danelis. Before announcing their relationship, Glenn tagged Dani’s new Instagram on Dec. 4 while the couple traveled in Lanzarote, Spain.

Captain Glenn's Girlfriend Danelis In Spain With The BDSY Star

Captain Glenn’s girlfriend Danelis in Spain with the BDSY star (Instagram).

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