What Happened To Indian Matchmaking Season 2 Cast After Show

What Happened To Indian Matchmaking Season 2 Cast After Show

It’s been a minute since we checked in with the cast of Indian Matchmaking season 2. What happened to the cast of Indian Matchmaking season 2 after the cameras were turned off and our bachelors and bachelorettes went back to their regular lives? Have there been any new connections? Any sad breakups? And what is Sima Aunty up to? We’ll need to stay refreshed because there may be several returns from this group for Indian Matchmaking season 3. Read on and find out what the cast have been up to since season 2 ended.

What Happened To The Indian Matchmaking Season 2 Cast: Aparna Shewakramani

What Happened To Indian Matchmaking Season 2 Cast Member Aparna

Aparna traveled to many cities, including Paris, after filming Indian Matchmaking season 2 (Instagram).

Outspoken Aparna Shewakramani hasn’t changed a bit since season 2 wrapped. She’s clapping back at haters who criticize her sexuality or her mental health on her Instagram. Aparna is flying from NYC to Paris to Philly to Houston to Mexico City for weddings, NY Fashion Week, Diwali, getting out the vote for the recent midterms, and cast member reunions. She’s still close with castmates Viral Joshi and Shital Patel. She’s lined up new lucrative sponsorship deals with Able, Weight Watchers, Celebrity Cruises, and Pure Origin Coffee while still promoting her new book. She still wants to get married, but the lucky guy hasn’t come along yet.

Indian Matchmaking Star Aparna Had A Health Scare After Season 2

Indian Matchmaking star Aparna had a health scare after season 2 where she was getting daily diagnostic testing from various doctors (Instagram).

In December Aparna had an unspecified health scare which involved daily visits to doctors for diagnostic testing. Thankfully Aparna said they got a diagnosis (undisclosed) that isn’t as serious as she initially thought and she is going to be okay.

Aparna Finds Out She's Going to Be Fine After Health Diagnosis

Aparna finds out she’s going to be okay after getting her health diagnosis (Instagram).

What Happened To The Cast of Indian Matchmaking Season 2: Pradhyuman Maloo and Ashima Chauhaan

What Happened To Pradhyuman Maloo After Indian Matchmaking Season 2

Fans are speculating Pradhyuman Maloo and his wife Ashima are separated. He hasn’t posted on social media since August, 2022 (Instagram).

Pradhyuman is always looking for another business opportunity as we’ve come to expect. With new business partner Yash Periwal, Pradhyuman debuted Bee Real Honey on October 13, 2022. This FMGC company offers many different brands of the natural nectar, from ginger to lemon to lavender flavor. However, he hasn’t posted any pictures of his personal life since August. His wife Ashima’s timeline has been wiped of everything since July. Pradhyuman’s instagram no longer has any couple pictures with Ashima, either.

A Reddit check reveals some troubling posts from Ashima’s social media that have been deleted. Her deleted posts talk about being asked to give up her work and life, and that she’s had a brutal few months surrounded by “toxicity”. The most charitable way to interpret these posts is that it wasn’t Pradhyuman or his family that were the source of these rude requests. Either way, it’s a huge change from the picture-perfect wedding and couple viewers saw on Indian Matchmaking season 2.

Fans are speculating the couple have broken up and are in the process of getting a divorce.

What Happened To Married Couple Pradhyuman & Ashima After Indian Matchmaking Season 2

A now-deleted post of Pradhyuman with his wife Ashima. The couple got married on Indian Matchmaking season 2 (Instagram).

What Happened To Indian Matchmaking Star Nadia Jagessar After Season 2

What Happened To Nadia Jagessar After Indian Matchmaking Season 2

Not much is new in Nadia‘s world according to her socials. She’s still very much single, has travelled to Rome, and continues to model clothing and makeup. She’s still an event planner and her deal with Millie On The Street fragrances is still going strong. However, the fact that not much is new means that she still has to deal with the fallout of dumping Shekhar in season 2. Vishal, the guy she chased only to have her heart broken, has revealed in a podcast appearance that he and Nadia had already broken up before it was filmed. He says he flew to LA because the show told him he wouldn’t get a chance to tell his side of the story otherwise! More reality show manipulation, apparently. In fact, they “broke up on camera for 2-3 hours” if Vishal is to be believed. Wow!

On top of that, Nadia claims she never dated Shekhar officially and she was very single when her and Vishal kissed at the mixer.

What Happened To Stars Viral Joshi and Aashay Shah After Season 2

What Happened To Viral & Aashay After Indian Matchmaking Season 2

Viral and Aashay are making their long-distance relationship work after meeting on Indian Matchmaking season 2. The couple will also star in Indian Matchmaking season 3 (Instagram).

Amazingly, Viral and Aashay seem to be making their long-distance relationship work! And that’s not the only thing that’s working for hardcore competitive Viral. She’s formed an unlikely friendship with chicken-obsessed Akshay Dhumal, and remains on good terms with Sima Aunty. The power couple confirmed they will be returning for Indian Matchmaking season 3, as an appearance on the Brown Girl Magazine podcast confirmed. Aashay has stepped into his own as well, opening up on The Healthy Indian Podcast about his early life and still finding time to clown around. We can’t wait to see what the future holds for these quirky lovebirds.

What Happened To Akshay Dhumal After Season 2

What Happened To Akshay After Indian Matchmaking Season 2

Akshay traveling after starring in Indian Matchmaking season 2 (Instagram).

Dhumal Industries’ head chicken man continues to stay on the grind. It seems Akshay’s come out of his shell quite a bit since we last saw him, adding some more personal stylings and talking about his life as a still-single on the Prime and Prejudice podcast. During his appearance he reveals that he is not dating at the moment, and coping with the usual post-reality show DM groupie nonsense. He has been travelling to the Philippines and Abu Dhabi, but it’s all for work for the businessman. It’s somewhat hopeful to fans that being on Netflix doesn’t necessarily change cast members for the worse.

What Happened To Dr. Arshneel Kochar and Rinkle Goyal After Season 2

What Happened To Arshneel Kochar After Indian Matchmaking Season 2

Indian Matchmaking star Arshneel Kochar with his adorable pet cat (Instagram).

Even though we were all cheering for Dr. Arshneel and his onscreen dentist love-interest Rinkle, they haven’t posted any updates of their life together. This doesn’t necessarily mean they aren’t together. One of Arshneel’s latest posts claims that the cardiologist was very busy with board exams. he still didn’t get a dog, but he now has a pet cat he enjoys caring for.

What Happened To Rinkle Goyal After Indian Matchmaking Season 2

Rinkle Goyal celebrating her birthday recently (Instagram).

Rinkle’s Instagram shows she’s bought a new house and often receives positive comments from Viral and Aparna. She also just celebrated her birthday on Nov. 30. Maybe they are just so busy and are taking a break? We certainly expect an update on these two kind souls on Indian Matchmaking season 3.

Shital Patel and Niraj Mehta: What They’re Up To Since Season 2

What Happened To Shital Patel and Niraj Mehta After Indian Matchmaking Season 2

Niraj Mehta and Shital Patel dancing together after starring in Indian Matchmaking season 2 (Instagram).

Shital and Dr. Mehta are still dancing up a storm together. While they’re not busting moves, they post pics of delicious Diwali treats or their experience at a Pawandeep Rajan concert. Both their profiles show how deep they got into the celebration and each other. Shital focuses on her Instagram business partnerships with Alo Yoga Wear and Anokha Skin Care. She is also a frequent podcast guest, with Life at 30 and The Sass Life being her most recent appearances. Both of them like to post inspirational messages about getting fans unstuck in life and “moving” again.

What Happened To Vinesh Vasani After Season 2

What Happened To Vinesh Visani After Indian Matchmaking Season 2

Vinesh has tried to move on after the backlash he got from his appearance on the show. By all accounts he has resumed his life of sports, travelling and partying it up with his crew. There’s no evidence that he’s adjusted his expectations downward as far as a potential partner, or that he’s actively dating anyone. It seems he’s only tentatively posting on Instagram and just trying to put the whole experience in the rearview. Even Baags the dog’s Insta updates have been sporadic.

Vinesh Visani's Dog Baags

What Happened To Sima Taparia After Season 2

What Happened To Sima Taparia After Indian Matchmaking Season 2

Sima Taparia has found her groove and doesn’t plan to change any time soon. She’s clearly done the absolute best for herself out of any participant on the show. In addition, there’s her interviews on Virgin Radio Dubai and with the London Telegraph, appeared in advertisements for Disney+ Hotstar and Pepsi India, and has even taken her act as far as Canada, where she visited Niagara Falls. She’s got her own glass painted picture at Netflix HQ, guest starred on the Fabulous Lives of Bollywood Wives, and become part of Dove’s #StopThe BeautyTest telethon.

Of course, Sima Aunty is also still working to play cupid for couples looking to find love. We can expect her return on Indian Matchmaking season 3.

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