Vinesh From Indian Matchmaking: All You Need To Know

Things changed dramatically for Vinesh Vasnani after being thrust into the spotlight after signing on to Indian Matchmaking Season 2. Like many reality TV contestants, millions of people watched the version presented on TV, and they drew their own conclusions. Unless you’re able to take charge of the narrative, it can get overwhelming and some people just opt to disappear from public view. Vinesh hasn’t posted on Instagram since late August, a month and a half ago and weeks after the show finished. Since he’s not around to tell his side, let’s see if we can piece anything together.

He’s Not The Only Victim Of Karma

Vinesh’s dating story is a common one: he wanted something from potential partners that he wasn’t able to bring himself. Specifically, he asked Sima Aunty for a 10/10 woman and rejected Mosum after she didn’t meet his standards. Then, he ended up rejected by Meena after she wasn’t into him. On the surface, this is a simple story of laser-guided karma. It’s a similar story to what happened to his castmate Nadia. But while Nadia stuck around and took her lumps, Vinesh posted a semi-apology video and vanished. Still, you can hire him on Cameo for a very reasonable $14.

The Show Did Leave Some Questions Unanswered

According to Vinesh’s apology video, he works in tech sales and has done so for 10 years, not investment banking. This is a contradiction that was pointed out in the comments, as Sima Aunty specifically said he was a banker. Could Sima have overlooked a detail as critical as this? Also, you can find friendly comments by Mosum (@mosumpp) on Vinesh’s various posts. So maybe the decision not to take things further was more amicable than the show demonstrated.

Vinesh Loves Eurotripping

Going back and looking at Vinesh’s earlier posts paints a picture of a regular bro who likes hockey, the Georgia Bulldogs, and jetting off to Europe. You can find him posting vacay pics of him in Germany, Prague, Rome, Lisbon, Iceland and Budapest, usually with a beverage or two in hand. He’s also been to Dubai, Colombia, and the Turks and Caicos.

Vinesh’s Big Vinny Style

Vinesh’s birthday is June 29th, which makes him a fun loving and often goofy Cancer. This side of him is very obvious in the jokey comments he makes and in his upbeat nature on the show. However, if he wants to be serious husband material, he will have to show he can get serious for a minute. Since Indian Matchmaking appears to have been renewed for a 3rd season, we can hope that Vinesh rises to this challenge…..if he returns.

Vinesh Is An Obvious Doggo Dad

For now, Vinesh’s first love is Baags, his faithful canine companion. Baags has his own Insta where the Staffordshire Bull Terrier tries on various outfits and shows off his extra-long tongue. Like his dad, Baags enjoys wearing a tuxedo (though he doesn’t have much of a choice, as his natural coat resembles one). He has a particular fondness for tacos and the University of Georgia Bulldogs football team.

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