Too Hot To Handle’s Courtney: Age, Jobs, IG, TikTok & More

Too Hot To Handle's Courtney: Age, Jobs, IG, TikTok & More

All members of the Too Hot To Handle season 5 cast are overconfident, but Courtney Randolph backs up her talk. The Texas native can do it all. She spent most of the first four episodes attached to sketchy Isaac Francis, we didn’t see her on her own. Isaac suddenly came down with an attack of latina fever and succumbing to Yazmin Marziali’s charms, Courtney will have to choose someone else. Louis Russell‘s bad boy act has turned off the women, and Trey Rogers is newly paired with Christine Obanor. Alex Snell has bonded with Elys Hutchinson, and Hunter LoNigro‘s himbo energy takes him out of the running. That leaves…..Dre Woodard? Could the self-appointed cop be the authority figure Courtney is craving? Or will she have to wait for a new arrival? For now, let’s review what we know about Too Hot To Handle‘s Courtney. 

Too Hot To Handle‘s Courtney: Instagram, Modelling & Fitness Jobs, Birthday, Zodiac Sign, Faith

THTH season 5 star Courtney looking sultry while modeling a bathing suit

THTH season 5 star Courtney looking sultry while modeling a bathing suit (Instagram).

On Courtney’s Instagram, with an impressive 151,000 followers, the 25-year-old does look like she could run her own empire. The bold and spotlight-loving Leo with a birthday on August 11th has everything divided into neat little sections. Christine is near the top of the THTH season 5 castmates with the most Instagram followers.

There is the usual modelling and fitness clips, which are very impressive in their own right. However, Courtney is a very devout Christian and has several church service clips including one where Joel Osteen’s daughter sings. It looks like Courtney is an aspiring model and fashion influencer.

Next, Courtney shows off her skill in the kitchen, demonstrating some of the eats she created. Lamb burgers, chicken, and pasta are all on the menu. Her sexy side is shown off next on Courtney’s TikTok, which has 74,400 followers and shows she likes taller and older guys. Next up is Courtney’s YouTube, where she does intimate Q&A’s and shows off the Courtney Randolph Collection.


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Too Hot To Handle’s Courtney: Hair Product Saleswoman Job, LinkedIn, Realtor Job, Education

Courtney works many jobs

Courtney works many jobs, including modeling (Instagram).

Yes, Courtney has her own collection of natural hair growth products, centered around natural Black hair, or locs. Launched earlier this year in February, this would be Courtney’s main hustle. If that wasn’t enough, Courtney’s LinkedIn shows that she used to be a cocktail waitress and has been modelling since 2016. We also see her educational information, as she graduated from Johnston Community College. She’s actually trained as an ultrasound technician, too! And if that’s not enough, Courtney is also working as a realtor. Here’s her profile on, which shows that she works for the Braden Real Estate group, operating out of Houston, Texas.

Courtney doesn’t have any reviews or recommendations yet, but she’s likely just getting started. Courtney is a big believer in manifesting what she wants, as she has a few quotes on that subject on her IG. She also has a silly side, as some photos show her cosplaying as a sexy Velma from Scooby Doo. To relax, Courtney will travel to the Bahamas or visit NYC. If you want to be with Courtney, you had best boss up and hustle in a big way.

Courtney also appears to be single since Too Hot To Handle season 5, which isn’t surprising with how busy she is.

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