All Cirie’s Alliances on Big Brother 25 Explained

All Cirie's Alliances on Big Brother 25 Explained

Cirie Fields maintaining multiple alliances on Big Brother 25 is a feat of plate-spinning that most people can’t even comprehend. At times it isn’t even clear if Cirie herself knows all the alliances she’s in. As a result we’ve decided to compile them all. In recent seasons the total number of alliances formed by the competition’s end has reached over 20 and BB 25 is fast approaching that number. Cirie has featured in 10 different alliances this time around (as of this writing). No other single BB Houseguest has ever participated in that many, and it’s a big reason why she is a favorite to go all the way. But will some of the allies Cirie has kept close end up deposing her in the end? This is all Cirie’s alliances on Big Brother 25 explained.

All Cirie’s Alliances On Big Brother 25 – The Real Fields

This very obvious alliance was made when Jared Fields, Cirie’s son, was born. Seriously though, Jared was deputized as her eyes and ears as soon as she got there. Jared has been allowed to join alliances with other people, even those who have ended up as Cirie’s targets, but he always defers to mama. Jared has also blown his cover by revealing to Blue Kim that Cirie is his mom. Cirie also has a backup plan to get rid of Blue behind Jared’s back. This could create serious problems down the road as their family connection is still not common knowledge to everyone on the show.

Big Brother 25: All Cirie’s Alliances – The Fields

Izzy Gleicher saw right through the deception of not revealing that Jared and Cirie were related. She took advantage of this and created an alliance with them right off the bat. Izzy has been a key ally and plotter and was instrumental in the successful backdooring of Hisam Goueli. Hisam was trying to work with Izzy right up until his elimination. Izzy can count on Cirie’s support in her emerging feud with Cameron Hardin, but there is tension between Izzy and Jared. Izzy was not a fan of Jared’s comments about how the women play the game and Cirie sided with Izzy when Jared ran to her.

Big Brother 25: The Bookends/Felirie

Cirie’s other top lieutenant is Felicia Cannon and so naturally they have their own alliance. It wasn’t finalized until Week 2 but Felicia and Cirie hit it off right away. Felicia is more overt in working against the Fields’ targets and putting their plans into action. When she won HOH, she was the one who nominated Jag Bains and Blue so Hisam could be backdoored. She was also the one who pulled the trigger on blindsiding Hisam. However she overstepped her authority by proposing a final two alliance with Jared without Cirie’s leave.

The Brown Sugar Babes

This alliance is for all of the Black houseguests still in the competition. This includes Cirie, Jared, Felicia, and Mecole Hayes. Izzy and Cory Wurtenburger are not formal members but they fit into other alliances so it doesn’t matter. Since the four core members are part of so many other alliances with one another they haven’t moved as a unit specifically. Kirsten Elwin was never part of this alliance because she was perceived as being too obvious in starting rumors. Mecole is the weakest link in this alliance but she isn’t a target for now.

The Bye Bye Bitches

Another Week 1 alliance, this association of Cirie, Felicia, Mecole, Izzy and Bowie Jane Ball was formed to counter the Handful alliance. It seems to have been successful as The Handful has lost its leader Reilly Smedley to elimination. Other members like Matt Klotz and Jag have become Cirie’s allies or pawns, and Blue is in Jared’s orbit. For her part Bowie Jane hasn’t upset Cirie yet, but she is vulnerable because Cirie may believe she is part of the fake Middlemen alliance. However the Middlemen alliance is a phantom proposed by Cory which Cirie thought was real.

The Professors

This mostly defunct alliance has broken up and reformed into many of the other current alliances. It was mostly formed to stop Reilly and now that she is gone there’s little point to it. It was formed by Cirie, Izzy, Bowie Jane, Felicia, Mecole, Hisam and Red Utley. Obviously Felicia moving against Hisam dissolved this alliance. For his part Red is in “the middle”, but his association with new target Cameron could prove problematic for him.

For Real For Real

We discussed Cory’s unique position where his strong strategic game means he’ll come into conflict with Cirie down the line eventually. However for now Cirie has been keeping him close and letting him on the existence of some fake alliances she’s cooked up. Cory has also been protecting America Lopez despite her getting into target territory. So, we have the For Real For Real alliance with Cory, America, Cirie, and her top three of Jared, Felicia and Izzy as well as Mecole.

The Crossroads

This alliance is Cirie, Jared, Izzy and Cory. It’s a final four alliance and Cory is believed to have a stronger position than even some of Cirie’s allies because he’s in it. It was formed on Day 16 of the competition.

Legend 25

Now we are getting into the fake alliances. The point of Legend 25 is to lull Cameron and Red into a false sense of security. It started off with Cirie, Felicia, Izzy, Mecole, Bowie, Cameron, Red and Matt. On paper, Legend 25 is supposed to be going after Jag, Blue, and America. But Blue knows about Legend 25 because Jared ran his mouth to her again. Also, Cory knows Legend 25 is a front and has known since it was proposed at the start of Week 4.

7 Deadly Sins/Savage Seven

Last but not least is yet another fake alliance. Cirie, Felicia, Izzy and Jared are here yet again with Matt, Blue, and Jag. Jag was actually the one who proposed the alliance after Cory floated the fake Middlemen alliance. Jag wasn’t in the Middlemen (which was supposed to be America, Mecole, Cory, Red and Bowie) so Jag suggested the others, minus Cameron, team up. Cirie isn’t in control of this so-called alliance but she did agree to it. This all took place in week 3 before Legend 25 was created, so if Blue or Jag figures out the both-sides playing there could be a major backfire. On the other hand, Jag and Blue aren’t even really part of this alliance anymore anyway. As of yesterday evening one of them will be going home tonight because Red didn’t use his veto.

So there you have it — Cirie’s elaborate plan is to use the shifting alliances to take out Cameron, then Red. She probably will get away with this but eventually the alliance spinning will come to bite her. Really the only people she can get rid of after Cameron and Red without angering one of her main allies are Mecole, Jag and Bowie Jane. Matt is well liked and has been loyal so that will be difficult. He has also let Cirie know of an attempt by Cameron to form an alliance against her in this week’s Wednesday episode.

Cirie will also likely move her inner circle against Blue to eliminate her and break her and Jared up tonight. This could turn her own son against her and ruin her reputation in the eyes of the whole house. We’ll soon see if Cirie will remain the boss of the house or if it’s just a house of cards.

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