BB 25 Houseguest Hisam Goueli: All Fans Need To Know

BB 25 Houseguest Hisam Goueli: All Fans Need To Know

Big Brother season 25 houseguest Hisam Goueli easily made it through the first competition without getting put up on the nomination block. Since entering the house, he’s worked hard to build up friendships and alliances with other houseguests. Let’s find out more about who is BB 25 houseguest Hisam Goueli and how he stacks up compared to the other sixteen houseguests.

“Going into the house, I’m planning on being someone who works as a certified nursing assistant and also performs burlesque and cabaret at night. If I tell people I’m a doctor I’ll be the first one to go. I think it’s about time someone who’s older and looks like a strong competitor is in the house.”

Big Brother 25 Houseguest Hisam Goueli: Age, Birthday, Zodiac Sign, Doctor Job, Burlesque Performer, More

BB 25 houseguest Hisam performing at one of his burlesque shows

BB 25 houseguest Hisam performing at one of his burlesque shows (CBS).

Hisam lives in Seattle, Washington, but grew up in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

“Gerontologist and geriatric psychologist, so I’m a doctor that basically specializes in older adults medically and psychiatrically. But at night, I’m a cabaret and burlesque performer. I fell into burlesque to get comfortable with my own body. The person I am today is a confident, gay, Arab, Muslim man, who is basically in love with life and wanting to explore all of its possibilities.”

Hisam Goueli’s Instagram is private, as well as his Facebook account, so not a lot is known about him outside what he shares on the show.

Hisam’s birthday is March 14, which makes his zodiac sign Pisces. His sign explains his strongly compassionate side. The geriatric physician, age 45, works out regularly to keep a bodybuilder physique and loves to travel the world.

BB 25 Houseguest Hisam Goueli: Gameplay Strategy

“The reason I wanted to be in the Big Brother house is that I work with older adults every day. And you are not guaranteed another day. Most people only live into their seventies, which is around 27,000 days. And I wanted to make sure that every day I lived mattered and counted, and I was living it to its full potential,” Hisam said in his first impression interview.

“Yeah, so my strategy for the Big Brother game is to find someone who is conscientious and agreeable to be my ride or die. I want them to be someone who is good at keeping their emotions in check and someone who’s intelligent at maneuvering strategically. Then the two of us will sort of maneuver to create two factioning groups that basically get split while we live in the middle, and then we’re able to sway the vote upon the dynamics of what is happening, never allowing either side to get too powerful,” Hisam said.

“And I think one of the problems that has happened in past seasons is people’s ride or die is not that competitive and not that good at winning. And then we see the two of them kind of fumble at the end, and that is not my plan.”

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