The Ultimatum Season 2’s James Claims Bad Editing Mischaracterized Cast

The Ultimatum Season 2's James Claims Bad Editing Mischaracterized Cast

Everyone knows reality TV isn’t exactly real, right? Apparently not, because James Morris from The Ultimatum season 2 is taking severe heat from judgmental viewers saying Ryan McCracken made a terrible mistake getting engaged to him. However, James is taking it on the chin. He responded on his Instagram stories to explain how the show’s portrayal of him and the rest of The Ultimatum season 2 cast was inaccurate. The Ultimatum season 2’s James claims bad editing on the show mischaracterized everyone on the show.

Throughout the season, in the limited screentime James — age 24 — got, he appeared disinterested in his seven-year girlfriend and high school sweetheart Ryann. He also appeared cold to his trial wife Riah Nelson. The show also included James breaking a glass out of frustration when Ryann was tapping her fingers due to his PSTD from a lonely childhood.

A fan asked James how much of the time filmed is actually shown to viewers and James, being the nerdy math and science guy that he is, broke it down.

The Ultimatum Season 2’s James Tells Fans Nobody On The Show Was Portrayed Accurately

James doing some math on how much of the recorded footage fans get to see on The Ultimatum season 2

James’s math on how much recorded footage fans get to see on The Ultimatum season 2 (Instagram).

“Well let’s do some math, assume 24/7 filming (nest cams), and assume [approximately six weeks],” James wrote on a now disappeared Instagram story. His equation determined fans only get to see 0.075% of the filming time of each cast member. That’s a very tiny amount of the person’s overall experience and interactions while filming.

A great example of this limited viewer information played out on The Ultimatum season 2 reunion episode when never-before-seen-footage revealed James is a freak in the sheets with a high libido. Before that scene was shown, no one would’ve guessed from the footage aired during the season.

“No… not at all honestly,” James told another fan who asked if he felt the show portrayed everyone accurately.

That said, James still believes he made some mistakes and that actions speak louder than apologies.

“Throughout the show I admit mistakes were made, and lessons were learned. Growth and healing is something I’ve always needed. There’s some things I would change, and there’s some things I wouldn’t. Sorry doesn’t change much, but actions do.”

He’s also worked on being a better man since The Ultimatum season 2 filmed in fall of 2022.

“I’ve come a long way since the show was filmed. Healed is a term I use sparingly. There will always be scars and there will always be regret and memories of the past. The best thing you can do for yourself is to wake up and think about who you want to be for yourself and for the people in your life that you love. And from there, take the steps necessary to become that person,” James said in another now-disappeared Instagram story.

James writing about how he is improving as an adult

James on his self-improvement (Instagram).

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