The Ultimatum Season 2 Reunion & Finale Spoilers & Recap

The Ultimatum Season 2 Reunion & Finale Spoilers & Recap

A week after Netflix viewers met and got to know The Ultimatum season 2 cast and the dysfunctions in their relationships and we’ve finally got answers to how things ended for these couples. The pre-recorded reunion episode and the finale didn’t deliver and real bombshell surprises like The Ultimatum season 1 or The Ultimatum Queer Love. That said, let’s jump in and recap all The Ultimatum Season 2 reunion and finale spoilers.

The Ultimatum season 2: Finale Reveals Everyone Got Engaged

Everyone left on The Ultimatum season 2 got engaged

Everyone left on The Ultimatum season 2 got engaged (Netflix).

All four remaining couples got engaged on the show. Despite Roxanne Kaiser‘s reservations in getting engaged to Antonio Mattei because of his poor financial situation, she reluctantly said yes to his proposal on The Ultimatum season 2.

Ryann McCracken was ecstatic when she finally got her proposal from James Morris after waiting seven years since they started dating at the age of 16 while in high school.

Kat Shelton finally got some emotion shown from Alex Chapman when he expressed how much he loved her during his proposal to her.

Riah Nelson also finally expressed her love for Trey Brunson when she accepted his proposal and happily got engaged, too. Otherwise, like previous The Ultimatum finales, a bunch of platitudes were spilled about adoring the other person. What fans really want to see if is they last after the cameras stopped rolling, and that’s where the reunion comes in to answer everything.

The Ultimatum Season 2 Reunion Spoilers: Brian And Lisa Give Update On Baby Son

Lisa and Brian at The Ultimatum season 2 reunion

Lisa and Brian at The Ultimatum season 2 reunion (Netflix).

“We we of course gave birth to a baby boy. A beautiful baby boy,” Lisa Horne said at the reunion. “He’s seven weeks now.” Immediately after the show they worked on their relationship and decided they would make things work together as great parents.

The episode was pre-recorded in the summer of 2023 in late June or July. We know this because co-host Vanessa Lachey said it was ten months since Brian Okoye and Lisa left the show, and The Ultimatum season 2 started filming in late September 2022 until late November. Some fans were disappointed to see Nick and Vanessa Lachey back because they find them to be bad hosts.

“Yeah, it changed me instantly. I think the first few days were surreal. It’s like I have this little human who I’m responsible for the rest of my life. But once he was here in my arms it changed everything for me, for sure.

Riah confronted Lisa for calling her a “Hooters [bleep]” and that Lisa told her she worked at Hooters before too when they were at the nail salon. Riah said there’s a seven years age gap between them and it felt like she just wanted to put down another woman. Lisa said she doesn’t regret what she said because she “didn’t base her assumption based off of her job” but because Riah was saying Brian made her hot.

Brian with his and Lisa's baby son

Brian with his and Lisa’s baby son (Netflix).

Lisa also agreed with Roxanne that she was hormonal during the show because she was unknowingly pregnant.

Lisa with her baby son she delivered after leaving the show because she was pregnant

Lisa with her baby son she delivered after leaving the show because she was pregnant (Netflix).

On the reunion episode, Brian hadn’t yet proposed to Lisa, but said marriage is very important to him. Since filming the reunion, it looks like Brian did propose because a friend of his commented on a post and said they were getting married. Then Nick and Vanessa gave the couple a silver goblet sippy cup and an Ultimatum silver pacifier. Nick then revealed his first date with Vanessa was at Hooters (great embedded product placement advertising).

The Ultimatum Season 2 Reunion Spoilers: The Newly Wed Game

They then played “The Newly Wed Game” where the hosts asked the couples questions to see how well each couple know one another. The first questions was for the guys, asked who their partner was most nervous to see. James guessed correctly Ryann was most nervous to see trial husband Trey. Trey guessed wrong, thinking Riah would be most nervous to see Ryann instead of her answer, James. Alex guessed Roxanne, but his partner Kat picked Nick because he asks tough questions. Antonio guessed Alex, but Roxanne of course put nobody. Brian guessed no one, but Lisa answered Riah.

Next, each man had to guess who’s “hall pass” their lady would choose of a famous person. Riah and Trey both put down American actor Morris Chestnut. Alex guessed superstar actor Chris Hemsworth, but Kat picked Peaky Blinders (available on Netflix of course) star Tommy Shelby. Antonio guessed Roxanne picked singer-songwriter Ryan Bingham, but she picked Tommy Shelby or “the main dude” from Peaky Blinders, too. James picked Edward Cullen from Twilight AKA Robert Pattinson. Ryann was annoyed because she put her second choice Ryan Reynolds instead of Robert because she thought James wouldn’t guess him. Brian put female rapper Yung Miami, but Lisa picked no one.

The final question really was meant to stir the pot. The couples were asked who out of the other couples they were most surprised got engaged. James and Ryann chose Riah and Trey. Trey and Riah both picked Roxanne. Alex picked Roxanne and Kat picked everyone. Brian and Lisa also both picked Roxanne. Even Antonio and Roxanne both picked her as well.

The Ultimatum Season 2 Reunion Spoilers: Antonio And Roxanne Engaged Life

Roxanne and Antonio on The Ultimatum season 2 reunion

Roxanne and Antonio on The Ultimatum season 2 reunion (Netflix).

“Since the proposal, it’s been adjustment, good and bad. The good part is there really is a difference when you’re engaged. There’s just a different level of trust and dependability and commitment,” Roxanne said on the reunion. “We’re still not where I want to be. Antonio’s made great strides. It’s a hustle and now we’re both entrepreneurs.”

Roxanne doesn’t like that she’s still the provider and will be for a while.

“As of yesterday, I think, officially, I’m the owner of a car wash in south Georgia. And I have signed on with a car customization franchise as an approved franchisee and I have the rights to open up to stores in the Atlanta area. We were able to buy a car wash, and we’re going to convert it into a car customization shop in the next couple of months.” By late July, Antonio had opened his first Tint World store.

Roxanne then talked about her business working with “boobies” or her PastedNip pasties as a braless alternative. Uncomfortably, Roxanne wears a ring on every finger but her ring finger on her left hand, choosing not to wear the engagement ring.

Antonio said he was hurt about it and that it felt like she had a lack of pride in him and not wanting to show that she’s engaged. “It’s just not top of mind for me right now,” Roxanne said when asked if she would marry Antonio. “No, no, absolutely not. No,” Roxanne said when asked if she’d let ordained minister Nick marry them at the reunion.

The Ultimatum Season 2 Reunion Spoilers: Alex & Kat Set A Wedding Date

Kat and Alex still happily engaged on the reunion episode

Kat and Alex still happily engaged on the reunion episode (Netflix).

Alex and Kat set their date for May 10, 2024 when they’ll have their wedding. Kat said engaged life is great and Alex is more ready to settle down and buy a house and has baby fever. Alex revealed his brother just had a kid, so he’s now an uncle to his nephew. That explains the Instagram pictures of Alex with a baby boy. It wasn’t his and Kat’s, but his bro’s child.

Roxanne jumped in and said Alex talked a lot about wanting to have kids, and seemed annoyed. He also seemed surprised she wasn’t invited to the wedding either. Roxanne said “I can see through bull [bleep]” and didn’t regret anything said or done in her attacking Alex. She then questioned Kat for why she wants to be with Alex because he was unsure about Kat during the process. However, it’s a bit rich coming from Roxanne, who doesn’t seem thrilled about being engaged to Antonio. Some fans believe Roxanne really thought she and Alex would end up together because of how jilted she appears.

The Ultimatum Season 2 Reunion Spoilers: Riah & Trey Are Planning Destination Wedding In 2025

Riah and Trey still happily engaged after filming the finale nine months earlier

Riah and Trey still happily engaged after filming the finale nine months earlier (Netflix).

Since the show filmed, Trey and Riah’s relationship is “night and day” from what it was before the experiment. They now have a more open dialogue and conversations on topics that used to end in fights. Ryann and James were surprised the two got engaged because they didn’t see Riah’s feelings for Trey.

Riah wants a destination wedding in the summer of 2025 and a gold wedding. Riah also said she does want to have a kid now. She previously said she didn’t think she wanted to have kids as a defense mechanism after she had a miscarriage two years ago with her and Trey’s unborn child.

The Ultimatum Season 2 Reunion Spoilers: James Proposes To Ryann Again

James and Ryann are now living together

Ryann and James are now living together (Netflix).

James proposed to Ryann a second time after he planned a weekend trip in the mountains. James moved into Ryann’s family home along with her parents and younger siblings. They’re also currently looking for a house of their own.

Apparently at first, James moving in wasn’t working because he was staying up late at night until 4 AM on his computer. The reunion also revealed he and Ryann have a great sex life, apparently, by showing them talking about James’s strong libido and kinky side.

Other than that, the reunion didn’t really answer much else. It looks like all these couples had the full intentions of staying with the partner they arrived with for the experiment. At least The Ultimatum season 2 proved that the experiment can truly work, and isn’t just good a imploding relationships.

Trey also revealed that a lot of what was said and revealed on the reunion episode was left on the editors’ cutting room floor. They filmed for three hours but only about 45 minutes got aired.

Trey reveals The Ultimatum season 2 reunion filmed for three hours

Trey reveals The Ultimatum season 2 reunion filmed for three hours (Instagram).

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