American Idol’s Justin Guarini Stars On Below Deck Sailing Yacht

Below Deck Sailing Yacht season 4‘s third episode introduced us to a group of gracious charter guests who invited the entire crew to eat dinner alongside them the first night aboard Parsifal III. Besides primary charter guest and entrepreneur Kim Walsh Phillips and her husband, luxury real estate agent Ian Phillips, a familiar reality TV star’s face from the early 2000s also made an appearance. American Idol season 1’s runner-up Justin Guarini set sail in Sardinia, Italy, and stunning Corsica.

Besides chartering a yacht on BDSY season 4, Justin also recently caught up with his American Idol co-star, winner and pop star Kelly Clarkson on her talk show.

What Happened To Justin Guarini After Coming Second Place On American Idol Season 1

Besides drinking and living the high life on yacht in the Mediterranean, Justin Guarini enjoys a successful career in the entertainment industry mentoring young artists for the big times. Justin also recorded a couple of his own albums after starring on American Idol, and rejoined Kelly to star in the musical comedy movie From Justin to Kelly (which received terrible reviews). After a decade in the music industry, Justin joined renewed his work in the theater industry and performed in lead roles for productions like Wicked, Rent, and Chicago.

Besides still working as an entertainer, Justin works as an audition and anxiety coach for singers, actors and dancers. He also likely made bank as the spokesperson for the Dr. Pepper commercials.

Justin, in contrast to Kelly, has a much lower profile, with 37,000 followers on Instagram compared to her 6.5 million. Fans are thrilled to see Justin and Kelly still remain good friends after over 20 years ago competing on Idol.

“Iā€™m happy that Kelly and Justin are still friends almost 21 years after Idol! They seem like genuine people,” one fan said in the YouTube comments of their reunion together on Kelly’s show.

Others hoped the American Idol duo would sing their hit duet “Timeless” again.

Justin, age 44, also got married and started a family with his wife. They now have two boys, ages nine and eleven.

Justin goofing around with his wife

Justin Gaurini goofing around with his wife (Instagram).

Apparently Justin got invited on Below Deck Sailing Yacht season 4 because he’s a client and good friends of primary charter guest, business mentor and coach Kim Walsh Phillips. We’ll have to wait until episode 4 to see what else Justin gets up to on BDSY season 4.

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