Are Viral And Aashay Still Together After Indian Matchmaking?

Are Viral And Aashay Still Together After Indian Matchmaking?

All throughout season 3 of Indian Matchmaking, Aashay Shah and Viral Joshi made preparations to tie the knot. Anyone who watched season 2 remembers how Aashay finally cleared Viral’s very high bar for a husband. And, this season was filled with cute moments involving ring purchases and meeting families. But, we never see the actual wedding, like we did for Pradhyuman Maloo and Ashima Chauhaan in season 2. So, what happened? Did the endocrinologist/optometrist power couple say yes? Or did things fall apart at the last second? We may have to wait for season 4 to get a definitive answer, but we can easily speculate. Can we find an answer to the question: Are Viral and Aashay still together after Indian Matchmaking? 

Are Viral And Aashay Still Together After Indian Matchmaking? Live Events & Other Clues

The new tradition of Netflix reality live events continues, and Indian Matchmaking stars are participating as well. This Reddit detective found that a season 3 Q&A will take place at NYC’s Madam Ji  Indian restaurant on April 28th. Viral and Aashay are slated to be there along with seasons 2/3 Shital Patel, season 2’s Shekar Jayaraman and season 3’s Arti Lalwani. The very next day, these same five cast members will party it up at the Chelsea Music Hall as per a story on Viral’s profile. If they aren’t together, attending two events in as many days together will be extremely awkward!

But there are other clues that make it really seem that they are together, even if they aren’t formally married yet. First of all, both of them follow each other on Instagram. Then, we have Viral’s IG profile itself, which now says “Inner Dialogue NYC and NC.” Remember that Viral calls North Carolina home, while Aashay is an NYC boy through and through. Viral is wearing several rings in her recent IG pics, though it’s hard to see if it’s the same infinity ring Aashay bought her. There is also plenty of mutual tagging and liking of each other’s posts.

Are Viral And Aashay Still Together After Indian Matchmaking? Keeping Us In Suspense

Doubt has existed about Viral and Aashay since season 2. However, remember that they live 500 miles apart and they are both extremely busy. We also have to take “they don’t seem to have a lot of chemistry” comments with a grain of salt, because after all they are performing for the camera in scripted manner. There are also reports that the couple attended the premiere of Netflix’s Bollywood extravaganza The Romantics together. This premiere took place just two months ago, so this is just another indication that the two of them are likely taking it slow.

However, not everyone is convinced. @LactatedRinger85 says, “Sounds like they broke up. I heard he was single at the Mohan Matchmaking convention.”

@muggleinthecity countered with “Ahhh! I was confused to see him there & assumed he was probably invited just as an influencer/someone to propagate matchmaking.”

And, Champak_25 points out that, “Shital commented on [Viral’s] recent pic saying she can’t wait to see where their story goes in the next season… Also Viral started following Aashay’s sister on Insta recently..” The evidence that we have is overwhelmingly on the “they’re still together” side. And with Sima Taparia’s hefty fees and bad matchmaking record she and the audience are rooting for the cute couple.

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