Shital from Indian Matchmaking: All You Need To Know

The word that gets applied to Shital Patel most often is “relatable”. In Insta posts where she dishes on her Indian Matchmaking season 2 experience, comments talk constantly about how they vibed with her. Other contestants navigated the turbulent waters of the dating world with a smile or a stoic exterior. Shital, on the other hand, never shied away from letting her disappointment show when things didn’t go well. Then she ended the show on a happy note, head over heels for new beau Dr. Niraj Mehta. This did a lot to please her new fans, who continue to support her. But what else can we find out about the deeply real Shital Patel?

Shital Patel Is A Jersey Girl

Although most of Shital’s segments take place in NYC, she was born in Edison, NJ (population, just upwards of 100,000). Her small-town roots shine through throughout season 2.

Shital Patel Knows About Energy

Shital Patel gives off a deeply real and relatable energy, but that’s not what we’re talking about here. The truth is, she works in the energy sector, in the sales department of a utility.

Shital Patel Makes A Cameo Appearance

Shital Patel is among the cast members who provide inspiration messages on Cameo. A respectable $82 will get you a personalized message, or you can book a business video for $571 and up.

Shital Maintains Friends From The Show

It’s a testament to Shital’s good nature that she was able to stay friends with Viral and Aparna. Viral’s picky nature and Aparna’s openness about her dislikes means that they are both choosy when it comes to friends. But, Shital passed their friend test, and what’s more, they both seem to approve of Niraj! She also remains on good terms with Sima Aunty, even though there’s no chance of her being the bridge between Sima and Aparna.

She Is An Organized, Methodical Virgo

Nervousness over arriving into her 40s without finding her life partner was a big motivator for Shital on the show. However, that won’t be a problem! She recently had a big celebration for her September birthday with many friends. And, as a nurturing Virgo, her friends are very important to her.

Shital Patel On Other Shows

Shital is no stranger to the reality world. Before Indian Matchmaking, she switched up her gender and dressed as a man for 2019’s In A Man’s World. There, she went undercover for a Bravo show as a dude with dreads. Then, she put comedian Maximilian Manticof to the test when he acted as her Lyft driver in Lyft Comics. Her Insta boasts lots of shout-outs from the stars of both those programs.

Shital Shows Love To Her Siblings

Shyam Patel is a world-travelling restaurant finance manager, but he’s also Shital’s little brother. Check out his Insta here. She has two sisters as well, Nikita and Arpita.

Shital’s Smooth Fashion Sense

Shital’s got some sweet fashion moves for someone in the corporate world. She’s got formal looks, outfits for the, and ensembles for just chilling. She’s not afraid to pose in intimate wear, either!

Affirmations Are Shital’s Specialty

Shital relies on some seriously deep affirmations to keep her going through tough times. You can just see her using one to bring up one of her friends who are down. Is this a practice she picked up from Aparna’s astrologer, Sophie Won?

She’s In No Rush To Get Hitched!

Obviously we want to see them get married, but her and Niraj are taking their time and just enjoying being in love, and why shouldn’t they? Shital talks about dealing with pressure to get marriage in this podcast appearance.

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