The Ultimatum: Queer Love’s Mal: Age, IG, TikTok, Relationship & More

The Ultimatum: Queer Love's Mal: Age, IG, TikTok, Relationship & More

Thus far on The Ultimatum: Queer Love, Mal Wright has shown herself to be a stable and loving presence. Their scenes comforting wise-beyond-her-years Lexi Goldberg in their trial marriage caused fans to gush about them online. The comments proclaiming Mal and Lexi to be their favorite couple came fast and furious. But now, the trial marriages are over and Mal is back with her partner of three years, Yoly Rojas. Mal is about to be tested in a big way when they find out how close Yoly became with Xander Boger. It’s even more complicated when you think about how both Yoly and Xander are fan favorites this season, too. But who is Mal apart from all this high drama? Let’s learn more about The Ultimatum: Queer Love’s Mal. 

The Ultimatum: Queer Love‘s Mal: TikTok, Cameo, Instagram, Comedy, Fashion, Pet and Zodiac

Mal with her family at her mom's house

Mal with her family at her mom’s house (Instagram).

Mal has a silly side that we don’t see much of on the show. Their frankness does make for great comedy as shown on Mal’s TikTok. There are short sketches of her making a leather harness for her mom, her difficult relationship with her car, or struggling with taking compliments. Usually, this is the part where we tell you what Mal does for a living, but that information is not to be found anywhere. Perhaps this has something to do with Mal’s worries about being financially stable before being married. We do know that Mal is a devoted parent to their dog Margaux. She is very much into her masc identity and it’s impossible to check out Mal’s IG without being impressed by her sharp fashion sense.


One thing imma do is compliment y’all!! I see you. ??#lgbtq #fyp #wlw

? DM Pretty – This Boy Be In My DM say I’m Pretty / Live OffBeat Session – Tank And The Bangas

We also know Mal was employed while on the show. She had to leave meeting Lexi’s parents when someone from work called. She’s also tagged in photos with Seeds and Steeze, a Black-owned greenhouse and gardening store based in Seattle, Washington, where Mal lives. She’s involved with a lot of other local businesses, according to tagged photos of her, and she’s also available for socials and bookings.

Mal's pet lizard

Mal’s pet lizard (Instagram).

Mal’s Twitter is also good for a laugh, as she typically tweets funny observations and opinions on there.

A very reasonable $25 USD on Cameo will get you a personalized video from Mal. At age 37, Mal is also deeply into travel, to destinations such as hiking spot Lake Twentytwo. Her birthday is very clearly marked as August 27, placing her as a Virgo. Virgos are kind, humble, and practical, which describes them perfectly.

The Ultimatum: Queer Love‘s Mal: Is Mal Married To Yoly or Xander?

Mal and Yoly dressed up as JLo and Diddy for Halloween back in the day

Mal and Yoly dressed up as JLo and Diddy for Halloween back in the day (Instagram).

Yoly is deeply in love with Xander and they exchanged a Ring POP ring before the trial marriages came to an end. While Yoly cares for Mal, Mal also met and made a commitment to Lexi’s (wealthy) parents.

Lexi telling Mal she thinks she's "one" of her soulmates and that being with her is very easy and great

Lexi telling Mal she thinks she’s “one” of her soulmates and that being with her is very easy and great (Netflix).

The most likely scenario is that Mal and Yoly are ex lovers and now friends, Xander is with Yoly and Mal is with Lexi. But we have no idea if anyone is exclusive or if there has been any knot-tying as of now. There’s also a major issue with long-distance in the cases of these relationships. Without spoiling too much, Episodes 5-8 are all about Mal and Yoly trying to figure out if it is possible to love more than one person. If we look at Yoly and Mal’s Instagram posts, they have made a few videos with one another. However, there is no indication they are married to one another. Let’s hope that everyone in this situation can find the one that’s right for them, while not curshing anyone else’s heart.

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