The Real World Austin: What Happened To Nehemiah Clark?

The Real World Austin: What Happened To Nehemiah Clark?

The Real World Austin‘s Nehemiah Clark was the one you wanted to cheer for but kept breaking your heart on the show. We heard about his mom’s struggles with addiction and saw how he bonded with Danny Jamieson over it. Fans watched him try to avoid fights and confrontations early in the season but get arrested for fighting later on. He questioned Rachel Moyal’s combat service and caused her to reflect. He got personal advice from filmmaker Ondi Timoner, but he left Rachel and Melinda Stolp to edit the team’s SXSW movie.  Nehemiah, who was the youngest member of the cast, had by far the wildest season of the seven. So, what happened to Nehemiah Clark once The Real World Austin was over?

What Happened To Nehemiah Clark? Reality Show Appearances, Show Friendships, Relationship History, Instagram, Twitter/X

Nehemia is best friends with former co-star Wes Bergmann

Nehemia is best friends with former co-star Wes Bergmann (Instagram).

It’s crazy to think that being the youngest member of the cast means that Nehemiah is 38. His birthday is November 21, which means that he is an intense, focused and sometimes moody Scorpio. Like all his Real World Austin group of 7, Nehemiah appeared on seasons of The Challenge. He appeared on all three All-Star seasons, as well as The Duel I and II, The Gauntlet III, and Rivals. He is the winner of The Gauntlet III, and took home $50,000 US for his win. Nehemiah was also gifted a nickname by Beth Stolarczyk while on the show — “Tenderoni”. Though Nehemiah was born in Rancho Cucamonga, California, he lives in Kansas City and remains good friends with Wes Bergmann. In fact, he and Wes put together their own show, Friends With Benefitsduring the pandemic.

Despite being a big fan of meditation and spirituality to keep him grounded, Nehemiah still has his ups and downs. In a 2020 interview, he talked about breaking up with his fiancee of six years and losing everything.  “I gave her everything so I was homeless, zero savings, and so heartbroken, I couldn’t go a day without crying,” he says. It was this incident that led Wes to call him up and bring him to Kansas City, a story that Nehemiah goes into detail in on his Instagram. Despite being on several mainline reality shows he only has 43,100 followers on the platform. His Twitter/X profile is similar for followers at 16,000, but does feature an RT from Melinda showing they are still friends.

What Happened To Nehemiah Clark? Interests, Acting History, Brand Ambassador/Tech Job

Nehemiah has built on his humble beginnings as a filmmaker. He has starred in two filmsOn Empty and Inner City Champions. He is a DJ, a certified Yoga and Reiki instructor, and speaks as the brand ambassador for SnapIT Solutions. While Nehemiah helps young people get their start in tech as a brand ambassador, he also manages their social media and travels on their behalf. He also says on IG that he was part of a 9-piece hip-hop band and plans to produce more music soon. After everything he’s been through, Nehemiah is finally able to give back and help others with opportunities he didn’t have.

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