All The BB 25 Houseguest Evictions (So Far) & Why Voted Out

Welcome to the growing list of Big Brother 25 Houseguest evictions. Every week has been a nail-biter thus far with constant flips and backdoor attempts. You truly need to be watching the feeds constantly to see how an eviction vote is going to break. And, sometimes a successful eviction vote isn’t enough to remove a houseguest. The circumstances around these evictions can be complicated, so hopefully we can clear them up a bit. Without further ado, this is all the BB 25 houseguest evictions.  

BB 25 Houseguest Evictions: Week 1 – Kirsten Elwin

Kirsten Elwin enjoying life outside the confined spaces of the Big Brother house

Kirsten Elwin enjoying life outside the confined spaces of the Big Brother house (Instagram).

The molecular biologist basically outsmarted herself, trying to play both ends against the middle after losing the first competition. Kirsten Elwin was so desperate to find an alliance to protect her from elimination that she left herself with no friends. She was also the first-ever victim of the Cirie FieldsJared Fields team as they were the first to figure out what she was up to. In what would be a recurring theme for the season, everyone told Kirsten they were with her to her face, then stabbed her in the back when vote time came. Kirsten should have picked one or two close allies and stayed with them.

Kirsten doesn’t regret leaving no stone unturned and made this clear in her exit interview. “No matter what, my goal in this house was to campaign until the bitter end,” she says. “I wanted to make sure I left no stone unturned. And that if I did go home, I wouldn’t regret it, to say, “Hey, I didn’t push hard enough.””

BB 25 Houseguest Evictions: Week 1 – Luke Valentine

Expelled BB 25 contestant Luke Valentine enjoying a vacation in Miami after being on the show briefly

Expelled BB 25 contestant Luke Valentine enjoying a vacation in Miami after being on the show briefly (Instagram).

Luke Valentine was the latest in a long string of Big Brother contestants to be tossed for violating the Code of Conduct. An n-bomb led to him getting booted on Day 7 of the competition. Luke maintains that he was suffering from malnutrition and sleep deprivation when it happened. Although he posted something resembling an apology, Luke has also wondered why nothing happened to Jared after he used the r-word a short time later.

Luke remains ambivalent about his eviction, and maintains that he was punished too harshly. “Their hands were tied. They had to make a sacrifice, I understand why,” he said. “It is upsetting. I think they made the wrong decision. I think a slap on the wrist would have been a much better thing.”

BB 25 Houseguest Evictions: Week 2 – Reilly Smedley

Big Brother 25 houseguest Reilly Smedley back in the real world

Big Brother 25 houseguest Reilly Smedley back in the real world (Instagram).

Reilly Smedley’s game was a little bit more organized that Kirsten, but there were many similarities. She managed to organize a proper alliance and pose an actual threat to Cirie and her crew. But she made a fatal error when she opened up to Hisam Goueli about him being her target. Hisam responded by coming after her full force and when he won the competition, she was up on the block before she knew it. Then, she made things worse by telling her alliance that they could vote against her once she realized her number was up. Finally, she didn’t do a lot to prevent herself from being targeted once she won HOH. Instead she let the power go to her head.

Reilly maintains her positive if chaotic energy and is now rooting for Matt Klotz and Jag Bains from the sidelines. “I can’t have any regrets,” she said. “At the end of the day, I got to play Big Brother. I knew what would happen if I won the first HOH and I went ahead and did it anyway. So I can’t say that I wish things were different.”

BB 25 Houseguest Evictions: Week 3 – Hisam Goueli

Hisam Goueli returned to Seattle after he was blindsided by his eviction

Hisam Goueli returned to Seattle after he was blindsided by his eviction (Instagram).

Once Reilly was gone, it was time for Cirie and her minions Felicia Cannon and Izzy Gleicher to backdoor the aggressive Hisam. And so they did, making use of Jag and Cameron Hardin to blindside him. It was a masterful piece of strategy, but it ended up turning Cameron against Cirie’s alliance and began to turn Jag into a sympathetic figure. However, at the time everyone agreed that Hisam needed to go, and he didn’t help matters with his harsh speech bashing Reilly the previous week. He tried to get the house back onside once he figured out what was going on but it was far too late.

Hisam doesn’t see the problem with how he behaved in the house. “I think the truth of the matter is they were looking for a reason to evict me,” he said in his exit interview. “I think that they basically found that in things that I said. And used that as a catalyst to move forward in order to justify the action. You have to have enough evidence to sway people. And I think that people use that to do so.”

BB 25 Houseguest Evictions: Week 4 – Jag Bains (saved)

Jag Bains was supposed to get evicted on week 4, but he's got a second life in the game

Jag Bains was supposed to get evicted on week 4, but he’s got a second life in the game (Instagram).

Jag is almost too nice to be on Big Brother, and he’s put up with a ton of humiliation. He won Power of Veto in week 3 and wore the dreaded chicken suit for the rest of the week. He wore that thing with as much dignity as possible. In the process, he soaked up tons of support from the house. But since then he was on the block twice more. Once where he had to be saved by Matt, and another where he believed he was a pawn again to get rid of Red Utley. Cameron, who seemed to be picking on Jag for reasons unknown, finally laid off in Week 5 and went after Izzy and Felicia.

After his two near misses Jag actually seemed to be in a much better position. He finally found a strong ally in the competent and compassionate Matt. Jag could also count on Blue Kim to stand by him if she isn’t flaking around. He’s also liked by Bowie Jane Ball and what’s left of the middle, and Cirie’s crew don’t see him as a major threat right now, either.

BB 25 Houseguest Evictions: Week 5 – Red Utley

Red Utley got backstabbed only a couple days after celebrating his 38th birthday in the house

Red Utley got backstabbed only a couple days after celebrating his 38th birthday in the house (Instagram).

By Week 5 the cracks in Cirie’s alliance were really beginning to show. They were still a force to be reckoned with as they got Red to believe Cameron had stabbed him in the back. Cameron didn’t help his case by running to everyone trying to save himself. Ultimately Red lost his cool and demanded to know what was going on, which was the last nail in his coffin. Ironically, Cameron was one of the two people who voted for him to stay. This was the first non-unanimous vote in the season. It raised questions as far as Team Cirie’s ability to control the house. Especially when they kept betraying alliances.

Red took his loss in stride and graciously blamed himself. “I hadn’t got down to having that conversation with Cam yet. Honestly, I believe maybe I should have, but at the end of the day you can’t compromise your morals and your integrity. So I don’t think I’d change anything, but I’ll be giving him a big sorry at some point.”

BB 25 Houseguest Evictions: Week 6 – Izzy Gleicher

Izzy is back in the real world where she can continue her work as a flautist

Izzy is back in the real world where she can continue her work as a flautist (Instagram).

Unlike other weeks there was a clear moment where Izzy sealed her doom. She tried to break up the most stable couple of the season, America Lopez and Cory Wurtenburger. Like any showmance Cory and America’s situation is partly honest attraction and partly alliance of convenience. But Izzy had things going her way until America and Mecole Hayes caught wind of the fact that Felicia didn’t have the votes to stay. This revelation combined with Izzy’s attack on America led to Cory and America staging a fake breakup and Cory rallying the entire house in a vote flip. Izzy left under a cloud, shoving Cameron and calling him a pig.

And even more chaos was set up for next week with Felicia and Cirie stuck in a kayak and Jared and Cory getting into a brutal yelling match. Not to mention Jared holding onto HOH while wrecking things permanently with Blue Kim. Izzy blamed herself for trusting Cory in her exit interview. She said, “I was skeptical of Cory the whole time and my closest allies, Cirie and Jared, were also skeptical. He was saying all the right things and he was pretty believable and I thought we built a strong friendship. Maybe that clouded some of my judgement.”

BB 25 Houseguest Evictions: Week 7 – Cameron Hardin and Jared Fields (Undead)

Who Won The Big Brother Competition Tonight & Comes Back: Jared Or Cameron?

The Double Eviction was as insane as it was hyped up to be, even if the nominations were a little predictable. The war of attrition between Cameron and Jared continued with Jag saving Cory from the block and HOH Jared putting Cameron up in his place. Cameron’s man-on-the-edge reputation worked against him and he was sent packing in a unanimous vote. But then Julie Chen Moonves announced that it would take more than that to kill Cameron, as he would live on as a zombie until Week 8. The same undead fate awaited the houseguest eliminated in Round 2 of the Double Elimination, who turned out to be, surprise surprise, Jared.

Cory managed to grab the week’s second HOH and struck back against Jared, nominating him on the spot. Nomination #2 took a bit of time, as Blue wanted to put Cirie up. Eventually Blue went up next to Jared in case she won veto. As it turned out Matt got veto power and declined to use it so that everyone (except Cirie) could vote Jared out. Cameron and Jared re-entered the house on Sunday, skipped Wednesday due to the schedule change, and one would be reborn on Thursday. So, this week we had no exit interview.

BB 25 Houseguest Evictions: Week 8 – Jared Fields (permanently)

Jared Fields in one of his exit interview after getting evicted from the BB 25 house

Jared Fields in one of his exit interview after getting evicted from the BB 25 house (YouTube).

In a relatively quiet week in the house, Cameron’s comp skill edged out Jared in their deathmatch. Cameron won two competitions on Thursday, the shovel balancing competition and the pulley competition. Winning both of these meant Jared was automatically out. Jared had a cry in bed as he waited for the inevitable elimination. Meanwhile, Cory told all to Cirie as far as Jared’s many screwups just to drive the last nail. Since everyone else was safe, they spent the week plotting new alliances and arguing about final fours. Cirie reconnected with Felicia, but it was an undeniable blow for Team Fields.

In his exit interview, Jared uncharacteristically took responsibility for his ouster. He actually made it out of the house without everyone finding out that he was Cirie’s son. Not only that but Cirie never found out that Blue knew about how Cirie was his mother. “There were a couple times our stories intertwined just a little bit too much, where she had said something to Blue and I had said something very similar to Blue and she was just like, ‘Aw, man, this might get us in trouble later on,’” he said.

BB 25 Houseguest Evictions: Week 9 – Mecole Hayes

Mecole after getting evicted from Big Brother 25

Mecole after getting evicted from Big Brother 25 (Instagram).

Trouble continued for Cirie and folks associated with her after Mecole’s weak game got her dropped in Week 9. Cameron continued to crush the competitions, winning HOH and Veto power but refusing to use it. He put up Felicia and Mecole, continuing to pick off Cirie’s lieutenants. A plan was afoot to backdoor Cory, but that was kept on pause for now. Felicia went hard against Americory during the veto meeting, making it seem that she was going to be tossed. But Felicia campaigned faster and harder than Mecole, and Mecole stayed in the dark about another ensuing vote flip orchestrated by Matt and Jag. In the end, Mecole’s lack of allegiance worked against her as she was dumped because the house power players couldn’t trust her allegiances.

Before she left, Mecole fired off one uncharacteristic parting shot. She lied and said that Cory, America, and Bowie Jane were gunning for Matt, Jag, and Blue. She says, “It was important to me to throw a little shade and also leave the house in a bit of a disarray on my exit. So I decided to take a page out of everyone in the house’s book and be just as messy and opinionated as they are. And hopefully I get to watch them scramble.” When she found out that it had been Matt and Jag gunning for her, she reacted with surprise. “I was certain that it was Cory and America. Certain. You could not have paid me to be to believe that it was anyone else.”

BB 25 Houseguest Evictions: Week 10 – Cameron Hardin (Permanently)

Cameron fought as hard as he could to stay in the game with the entire house against him, but eventually his lack of allies led to his eviction

Cameron fought as hard as he could to stay in the game with the entire house against him, but eventually his lack of allies led to his eviction (Instagram).

Time ran out for Cameron as he fell victim to a backdoor from the emerging dangerous alliance of Jag, Matt and their minion Bowie Jane. Surprise HOH Bowie Jane had Felicia and Cirie right where she wanted them on the block. But then Jag won veto in the OTEV competition and saved Felicia, which meant we needed a replacement nominee, and that was Cameron. This makes the second time Jag has backdoored Cam, and this time he was successful. Before being tossed, Cam revealed the Matt and Jag tag team’s plans to Cirie and Blue. He also bashed Bowie Jane on the way out, attacking her character.

In the exit interview, however, Cam walked his comments on Bowie Jane back. “In hindsight, I wish I wouldn’t have said that. I was upset, but we talked it through afterward and I’m really proud of the move that she made. The character that I believed at the time that she had shown was that she would put up someone that really had her back this entire game.” He also blamed himself for his ouster, saying, “Cirie gave me my biggest piece of advice, which was you don’t have to tell people what you think about other people. So my biggest flaw in the game was the fact that I spoke too freely on occasion with specific people.”

BB 25 Houseguest Evictions: Week 11 – Cory Wurtenburger

As we went into the final eight, the deadly alliance of Jag Bains and Matt Klotz began to make their presence felt. Jag struck while the iron was hot in a major way as he ended up as the secret HOH. Initially he hedged his bets between nominating Cory/America and Blue, but when America threw Matt and Jag under the bus, Jag decided to target her and Cory. Blue won a POV and Jag won the other, meaning Blue was safe no matter what. When Jag publicly revealed that he was the HOH and put Cory and America on the block, America was angry and Cory was stoic. With his back against the wall, Cory put on his manipulation A-game. He canvassed everyone else to try and earn their vote. However, all this did was make everyone realize that he was the bigger threat of the two.

The heavy favorite to win Cory left after a 5-0 vote. Cory admitted in his exit interview that he kind of saw it coming. “I have no idea how this all was portrayed, but I was horribly paranoid every day about this week. The reality is I’ve been called out in at least two ceremonies in the past couple weeks,” he said. “The problem with this new group I was working with was Matt and Jag were just crushing these competitions, mostly Jag,” he notes. “So by the time I needed to take a shot at Matt and Jag, I really couldn’t because I just couldn’t beat those dudes in competitions.”

BB 25 Houseguest Evictions: Week 12 – Blue Kim and America Lopez

To kick off yet another double elimination week, Jag continued his HOH win streak. With ill will against him and Matt growing, they realized they needed to be very strategic about who went up. America was deeply vulnerable and had no allies now that Cory was gone, so she was an obvious choice. Blue agreed to be a pawn and, since Cory was still in the jury house, she thought it would be nice for America and Cory to be together one last time. In reality, America was the pawn and Blue was the target, since Blue was a potential threat in competition. Cirie and Felicia, who had been kicked around for some time now, supported this move so they would make it to the final four. That left Bowie Jane, who was just grateful to not be on the block.

Blue was eliminated unanimously. In the double eviction, Bowie won HOH and rather than target Matt, Jag or Cirie she went with the safe choices of Felicia and America. Then Matt won the Veto and left the nominations the same. Felicia fulfilled her pawn role and America was eliminated next. Blue kept her signature confidence all the way through her exit interview. “Girl, a player this good has to be the target eventually, right?” she said. “I knew after Cory my biggest threat would be Jag, so if I were to win the double eviction today, Jag’s gone. The comp wins, his social game, he is such an incredible player. I have to commend him.” America went on the attack, complaining that.“[Matt and Jag] are gonna win! I’m so mad because everyone’s just letting them slide through. Granted, they keep winning everything so nobody ever has a chance.”

BB 25 Houseguest Evictions: Week 13 – Cirie Fields

It was a pretty undignified end for the queen of CBS reality TV at the hands of Jag, Matt, and their new minion Bowie Jane. Unsurprisingly The Mafia chose to move against their most credible threat by putting Cirie and her sometimes partner in crime Felicia up on the block. Matt got the HOH and Bowie Jane’s deal with Matt ensured neither she nor Jag were going up. Then Jag won the week’s veto, meaning that only he and Bowie Jane got to vote. Matt needed a little convincing to target Cirie instead of Felicia, and then this became an academic exercise. For the rest of the week, Bowie, Matt and Jag partied it up and enacted “Operation Pressure Cracker” against Felicia and Cirie. They lied that Cirie was staying even though Cirie wasn’t fooled and deliberately froze Felicia out of conversations.

After a limp campaign by Cirie to get Bowie’s vote, Cirie was dumped unanimously. In her exit interview, Cirie expressed a few regrets. “Certain moves that really weren’t good for my game, I had to do for Jared’s game. For instance, Red going home. Red and I were pretty tight. I was good with Red and I thought Red would be a good ally to take far in the game.” Having been on both Survivor and Big Brother, Cirie picked the latter as being more challenging. “You’re in a pressure cooker here,” she said. “There is no escaping this. no breaks. There are no days off. For me, ‘Big Brother’ is harder. It is super difficult.”

BB 25 Houseguest Evictions: Week 14 – Felicia Cannon

Here’s a fun fact. Being nominated 6 times in a season doesn’t get you into the top 10 most nominated contestants in show history. However, Felicia definitely led this season in nominations and number 6 was her last trip to the block. One cast member who did set a record was heavy favorite Jag, who picked up his seventh Veto. And don’t forget about Bowie Jane, who set her own record by making it the entire season without going on the block once. Instead, after Bowie Jane won HOH for this week it was Felicia and Matt who went up for his first-ever nomination. But as always, it’s the Veto winner who gets the single vote in the Final Four. Felicia warned Jag that if he eliminated her, then Matt would still be an active threat, but he didn’t listen. It looks like a Jag/Matt showdown is imminent.

For now, in her exit interview, Felicia believed she did her best but there were many things she wishes she could have done differently. “The people I thought I could trust I found out were lying to me the whole daggone game. It was crazy! I think I played the best game for me. I tried to stay true to me.” She also says she would never appear as a Big Brother houseguest again. “This has been the greatest experience of my life. It’s been a pleasure. I won’t do it again! But it has been a pleasure. And I’m going to use my influence in that jury house.”

BB 25 Houseguest Evictions: Week 14 – Bowie Jane Ball and Matt Klotz

Loyalty between bros conquered all as BB25 came to a predictable end with Jag Bains as your winner. Jag made several firsts this season, being the first Sikh to be cast in Big Brother and win the competition and the first to win 10 comps overall. After narrowly escaping being eliminated in Week 4 (see above), he was also the first contestant to be eliminated and still win. But to get there, he had to survive a flurry of competition in the beginning of the finale. First the contestants were slimed, pelted with scrambled eggs and other disgusting bits while out in the rain, and slammed against a wall while on a swing. Bowie Jane tapped out and a rock-paper-scissors between Matt and Jag led to Matt advancing to the final round for the last HOH.

Next was a quiz where Bowie Jane and Jag had to list the season’s comps, in order, by universe. Both of them screwed up again and again because really, who can remember? It turned out that the winner needed to solve the problem faster than the other competitor, and Jag added another win to his total. That brought up a two truths and a lie face-off between Jag and Matt for the final HOH. The Minutemen were evenly matched right down to a last minute sudden death question. Jag made a lucky guess about the length of a random comp to become the season’s last HOH. He immediately sealed Bowie Jane’s fate and she took her place on the jury.

Both Jag and Matt made their final arguments to the jury, with Matt playing up his social game and Jag playing up his comp aggressiveness. The final tally was 5-2, putting Matt in the runner up spot.

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