Love Is Blind 5: All Izzy’s Revelations On The Viall Files Podcast

Love Is Blind 5: All Izzy's Revelations On The Viall Files Podcast

It’s true that Izzy Zapata was less than honest about his financial situation on Love Is Blind. However, outside the show Izzy has been an open book. While you may not believe everything he says, he has been much more willing than the average pod person to share. Amazingly, after his Viall Files appearance we still don’t have a verbal confirmation that he and fiancee Stacy Snyder said “no” at the altar. But, we have a lot more insight that we had before into Izzy and Love Is Blind process. Some of this stuff is TMI, but that comes with the territory. Without further ado, let’s list all Izzy’s revelations on the Viall Files podcast.

Izzy’s Revelations On The Viall Files: Show Secrets

Izzy let us know that the producers coach the couples to have big conversations. “Like one day will be finances, one day will be like values [and] families and one day there’s sex,” he says. Apparently you get asked about your kinks in the bedroom, and Izzy has a unique one for sure. “[I said,] ‘I like to get spit in my mouth. It’s honestly kind of hot.” Izzy also talked about his recruitment process for the show, saying he was recruited on Instagram. He received a text from LA inviting him on the show, and he thinks they probed his dating profile to get details on him.

Izzy credits Chris Coelen as he “talked to us every morning, and kind of gives us a pep talk.” He was very unsure about finding love on the show, saying, “there’s no [bleeping] way” he would get engaged. As we all know, his decision to stick with it paid off in terms of at least building a relationship with Stacy.

Izzy’s Revelations On The Viall Files: Reflections On His Behavior

Izzy has been harshly criticized for the way he spoke to Johnie Maraist at the pod squad party in episodes 7-8. He agrees that his behavior was inappropriate, saying “Honestly, that was so out of character for me. I was pretty intoxicated. My delivery was poor. Looking back at that, that’s so cringe. That’s not how I am.” Izzy says he did apologize to Johnie after the show. However, he also says, “I regret my delivery but I don’t regret the message.” He elaborates that “multiple girls from the cast” told him and Stacy that Johnie was talking behind their backs. He was also worried for Chris Fox, Johnie’s on-show boyfriend.

Izzy comments on other major moments of his show arc. On this infamous paper plate fight with Stacy, he says that he has another cabinet full of glass plates that never got discussed since things got off the rails. He also claims that Uche Okoroha has called him superficial, but that he hasn’t bothered to address it with Uche. He also seems to be close friends with Chris, and checked in on Milton Johnson during his long disappearance at the pod squad party. Finally, he implies that show weirdo Jared “JP” Pierce has actually been dating a girl for the past year. Even if Izzy isn’t married, it seems his show experience was more positive than negative.

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