Why Fraser Olender Is A Bad Chief Stew On Below Deck Season 11

Why Fraser Olender Is A Bad Chief Stew On Below Deck Season 11

The Below Deck franchise has had a lot of heads of interior throughout the franchise, and some have proven more capable than others. As the first male head stew, Fraser Olender broke stereotypes and had a lot of support from the fanbase. He’d proven himself a hard worker and strong second stew under the leadership of Chief Stew Heather Chase on Below Deck season 9. However, since getting the top job, he hasn’t exactly thrived. Let’s take a look at all the reasons why Fraser Olender is a bad chief stew on Below Deck season 11.

Fraser first became chief stew on Below Deck season 10. He struggled in his new leadership role because he let Second Stewardess Alissa Humber bully Camille Lamb and Hayley De Sola Pinto. It got so bad Captain Sandy Yawn considered firing Fraser. He also talked gossip about Camille to the other stews, instead of keeping things professional. In the end, Alissa and Camille joined the long list of fired Below Deck crew members. But not after fighting in front of charter guests due to Fraser’s lack of authority. Not only that, Fraser was constantly frazzled and disorganized.

Despite his shortcomings, Fraser got a second chance on Below Deck season 11 under Captain Kerry Titheradge‘s watchful eye. Instead of being a pushover again, Fraser decided to be stricter. However, it looks like he course corrected too much on his second time on superyacht St. David.

Right from the get-go Fraser had it in for Barbie Pascual upon first seeing her. He said women with black hair are difficult to deal with and he immediately didn’t like her. Barbie and Fraser butted heads constantly, while he gave preferential treatment to stews Cat Baugh and Xandi Olivier.

Why Fraser Olender Is Failing As Chief Stew On Below Deck Season 11

Despite Cat being very slow and making more work for Barbie, Fraser coddled her. Instead of training Cat to do her job properly, he lashed out at Barbie and made her pick up the slack of a lethargic Cat. After Barbie talked back to Fraser a bit, he went straight to Captain Kerry to try and get her fired. When he admitted Barbie was very good at her job, cooler heads prevailed and he was forced to make things work.

After Cat joined the long list of cast members to quit Below Deck, he couldn’t stop badmouthing Barbie to Xandi, and even the replacement stew Paris Field. For some season Fraser thought it was appropriate for him to tell the new stew how much he disliked Barbie. Despite her just joining the crew, Fraser thought it best to vent to Paris about all his problems with his unruly subordinate.

On top of that, Fraser repeatedly threw Chef Anthony Iracane under the bus. Instead of helping the overwhelmed chef getting next to no support in the galley, Fraser let him flounder. Where he could’ve helped the chef get organized, he criticized him instead. He also pointed out all his mistakes to Captain Kerry and suggested they fire the sensitive Frenchman. Again, Captain Kerry suggested solutions to help Chef Anthony continue to succeed. But Fraser continued to tear down the chef and not assist him in doing better. Fans were furious Fraser betrayed Chef Anthony and disparaged him.

Shockingly, Fraser also tried to get Chef Anthony’s replacement Chef Nick Tatlock fired, too. After only one charter, where he didn’t communicate with his new work colleague, Fraser trashed his dishes. Although the chef’s food lacked garnishes and the best presentation, the foodie charter guests loved his food.

Fans Want Kate Chastain Back & Disappointed Fraser Is Back On Below Deck Season 12

Fraser tried to knife the second chef behind his back. He told Captain Kerry he couldn’t work with him. Captain Kerry, sick of Fraser wanting to fire everyone, told his chief stew he needed to try and work better with others.

Fraser, disappointed he couldn’t get his way again, talked poorly about Chef Nick to all of his stews. He set Chef Nick up for failure by undermining any support from the interior team. He also, cowardly, got Paris to bark orders to Chef Nick about plating food instead of doing it himself.

“She communicates with the chef when guests are (or aren’t) at the table. Gives ETAs and frequent updates,” reads a top post on the Below Deck subreddit about missing Chief Stewardess Kate Chastain. “Gives chef all guest feedback, with great clarity when they’re wanting something more/else. Entertains/distracts guests quite effectively when they’ve found something to complain about.”

Many viewers agreed Kate was a far superior chief stew than Fraser.

“Yes! I just said to my husband the other day that Fraser needs to binge all of Kate’s seasons. She worked with the crew, not against them. Fraser only wants to be right when he is often wrong. He is not someone I’d ever want to work with or have above me in a chief position, but he’d be good back at 2nd or even 3rd stew,” another fan noted in the thread.

Unfortunately for fans, Fraser is back as part of Below Deck season 12’s cast. Shockingly, fan-favorite and rich daddy’s girl Barbie wasn’t called back by casting. Perhaps Fraser will get fired by Captain Kerry during the current filming of season 12. Barbie certainly wouldn’t be the worst choice as his replacement as chief stew.

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