Love Is Blind: Are Izzy and Stacy Still Together And Married?

Love Is Blind: Are Izzy and Stacy Still Together And Married?

It’s anyone’s guess why Izzy Zapata is this season’s most desirable male. A Reddit thread offers theories of him being superficially charming because of his ex-Jehovah’s Witness background. Or, because he’s a lot more outgoing compared to the other guys, or because he’s been engaged before. Whatever the case may be, there are far more question marks hanging over his relationship with Stacy Snyder than Jared “JP” Pierce and Taylor Rue. And, the next batch of episodes will absolutely bring out the tizzy that Izzy and Stacy get into. However, the main question is, are Izzy and Stacy still together and married? We ran the data through our usualLove Is Blind tests, and marriage licenses, but even so, the result is still… inconclusive.

Are Izzy and Stacy Still Together? Social Media And Show Evidence

Stacy calling out her fiancé Izzy's unacceptable player behavior in upcoming episodes of Love Is Blind season 5

Stacy calling out her fiancé Izzy’s unacceptable player behavior in upcoming episodes of Love Is Blind season 5 (Netflix).

So there’s a ton of contradictory information around these two. Izzy and Stacy are following each other on Instagram. Neither of them have given any interviews like other cast members have. Neither of them have posted anything new since their announcement posts where they revealed they were part of the cast. And when you watch the preview for the next episode, it looks like Izzy is saying “I’ve heard a lot of sketchy [bleep] about you.” But it’s not clear if he’s saying this to Stacy or to someone else.

Then, later in the trailer, Izzy says “Everything’s falling into place.” Couples going through ups and downs on Love Is Blind is nothing new, but we also have Stacy’s dad showing up in the trailer. He says, “Sometimes love wants to fly first class.” Does this mean that Izzy and Stacy have trouble seeing eye to eye with money?

Are Izzy and Stacy Still Together? The Marriage License Test

The marriage license test has never failed us before, but what we get in this case is very strange indeed. Searching for “Zapata” and “Snyder” at the Harris County Clerk’s website in Texas returns a result. Ismael Zapata Jr. and Stacy Renae Snyder got a license in May of 2022, but it wasn’t returned- and hasn’t been over a year later. So, we know Izzy and Stacy are not married- yet. But, this doesn’t necessarily mean they are broken up either. If this website is telling the truth, Izzy and Stacy had to return the completed marriage license to the courthouse within 90 days. Obviously that didn’t happen, and Stacy and Izzy can be subject to a fine of up to $500.

The most likely scenario is that one of them said “I don’t” at the altar, which means they made it to the altar. We don’t see any footage of the couple at the altar, but that doesn’t mean anything by itself. It looks like they asked for more time to be with one another, which could be because of the whirlwind engagement. Not to mention that there was all the additional drama from Izzy’s other two potential brides. Or maybe they needed time to afford a married lifestyle? Whatever the case, it’s too soon to count this couple out at this time.

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