BB 25: Who Is Jared’s Ex Girlfriend Outside The House?

BB 25: Who Is Jared's Girlfriend Outside The House?

Big Brother 25 houseguest Jared Fields AKA rapper POOHUNNIT HD has rubbed a lot of fans the wrong way with his antics on the show. First off, fans didn’t like that he was given a huge gameplay advantage by having his four-time Survivor contestant and The Traitors winner mom Cirie Fields on the show. But more importantly, Jared’s behavior on the show has upset a lot of fans. He seemed too nonchalant about expelled houseguest Luke Valentine using the n-word in front of him. Then Jared used the r-word himself. He then disgusted fans with his rude and misogynistic comments about showmance love-interest Blue Kim. Now fans are wondering if Jared cheated on his seven-year ex girlfriend. So, who is Jared’s girlfriend outside the BB 25 house?

Although some fans and Jared claimed he broke up with his seven-year girlfriend before going on the show, fans suspect that might not be the case.

Jared has repeatedly mentioned a girl back home he affectionately calls “Kenzo” and “Kenzie”. He even gave her a shoutout on national TV while giving his vote.

UPDATE: Cirie mentioned her son’s girlfriend “Kenzie” on Friday, September 8 to Bowie Jane on the live feeds. However, after Jared’s eviction, in an interview he maintained they broke up a month before and it was misconstrued. However, Jared constantly shouting out his ex and his mom talking about her as if they were still a thing, confused a lot of fans.


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After Jared won Week 5 HOH he was disappointed he didn’t get a letter from his previously long-term flame Kenzie.

Jared's likely ex girlfriend McKenzie's IG account

Jared’s ex girlfriend McKenzie’s private IG account (Instagram).

“Well with the situation they’re probably trying to help you out,” mom Cirie told Jared about production because of his showmance with Blue. They then laughed that two of the photos of Jared’s dog were from Kenzie’s house because she’s taking care of his dog while he’s playing the game. Fans suspect Jared is getter preferential treatment from CBS producers because of his connection to his reality TV star mom. Cirie also told Jared not to ruin his relationship with “flake” (another nickname for his girlfriend McKenzie) by doing anything with Blue. He didn’t listen as he repeatedly slept with Blue while on the show.


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Who’s Jared’s Ex Girlfriend McKenzie From Before He Went In The Big Brother House?

Likely ex girlfriend McKenzie's private Twitter/X account

Ex girlfriend McKenzie’s private Twitter/X account (Twitter/X).

A nail technician with the profile name Kenzie (@mckenzieparkss) was liking tweets on Twitter/X trashing Jared for cheating before making her account private. It turns out she’s the same person followed by Jared on Instagram who also did Cirie’s nails for her appearance on Bravo’s head honcho Andy Cohen’s show Watch What Happens Live earlier this year. Kenzie’s Instagram account, which is accepting new followers, shows she’s a red-head who recently competed for Miss America 2023 for Miss Connecticut. After Jared started a showmance with Blue, McKenzie posted a picture of her showing off an engagement ring while in a hotel room in LA.

Jared's girlfriend outside the house McKenzie showing off an engagement ring in late August making fans speculate her and Jared may have got engaged before he went on the show

Jared’s girlfriend outside the house McKenzie showing off an engagement ring in late August making fans speculate her and Jared may have got engaged before he went on the show, However, Jared maintains they broke up before he went on the show (Instagram).

Cirie and Jared both appear close to McKenzie. They’ve both commented on some of her Instagram posts in the past.

Jared commenting on McKenzie's one Instagram post back in the day

Jared commenting on McKenzie’s one Instagram post back in the day (Instagram).

Cirie commenting on another Instagram post made by McKenzie

Cirie commenting on another Instagram post made by McKenzie (Instagram).

Kenzie’s Twitter also retweeted a user named Shae saying, “Honestly, this is a blessing in disguise for Jared’s girl back home cause he’s a piece of s–t, and she deserves better. It’s really sad that he could embarrass her like this on national TV, but I hope she finds peace and happiness and leaves his [bleep] and keeps his dog.” But more recently, on September 9, Kenzie liked a tweet of a fan posting a clip of Jared saying he loves “Kenzo”.

Other fans noted that Jared and Blue discussed both having someone back home.

Earlier on in the show, Cirie got mad at Jared for relentlessly flirting and cuddling with Blue, before starting a full-blown showmance and hooking up.

Jared also called Kenzo “my person” and was planning to give her a happy birthday shoutout during one of the votes.

Fans turned on McKenzie when they found a bunch of her posts on Twitter used the n-word. Fans wonder if Jared referencing having white friends who use the n-word was referencing his now ex girlfriend. Her Twitter also has a Pit bull dog that looks just like Jared’s pet dog, who Kenzie was babysitting while Jared’s in the house. McKenzie has yet to speak out about the controversy swirling around if she and Jared were still together when he went on the show.

McKenzie excited to share the nail work she did for Cirie

McKenzie excited to share the nail work she did for Cirie (Instagram).

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