Below Deck S11: Ben And Barbie Mess Up In Episode 8 Preview

Below Deck S11: Ben And Barbie Mess Up In Episode 8 Preview

Australian yachtie Ben Willoughby got a major promotion by Captain Kerry Titheradge on Below Deck season 11‘s episode 7. However, he might not be as prepared for the role of bosun as he though. After Bosun Jared Woodin was finally fired by Captain Kerry and mentally struggling stewardess Cat Baugh quit, superyacht St. David‘s remaining cast were down two crew members. Chief Steward Fraser Olender also needed his remaining interior team, Barbie Pascual and Xandi Olivier, to step up. However, both Ben and Barbie mess up in Bravo’s episode 8 preview.

“We’re in deep [bleep], you know, we’re missing someone outside. And now someone inside. And we’ve got to set up a sunset drinks reception on a beach that I’ve not been to before, and then a murder mystery. Losing a stew is one thing. I’ve been on a boat and we’ve run aground. And I’ve had to pretend that we haven’t to the guests. Try that as an obstacle,” said Fraser at the start of next week’s episode.

Of course, screwups are going to happen when spread to thin, but it looks like an unforced error on the part of the new bosun. While catering to Primary Charter Guest Lesley Gaudiosi and her friends while on the stunning beach island of Caracal in Grenada, Ben ended up getting sand in the tender motor which caused it to overheat and be inoperable.

“Usually the most amazing places are the most difficult to get to. We’ve got very deep water coming up to a shallow beach. So every time I’m bring in equipment the current is pushing me to the shallow section. You have to make a calculation is the risk worth the reward,” Captain Kerry explained. “And when it comes to this beach, yes it is.”

Barbie lazing around in the crew mess while Xandi picked up the slack

Barbie lazing around in the crew mess while Xandi picked up the slack (Bravo).

Below Deck Season 11: Ben And Barbie Both Mess Up On Episode 8 Preview

Xandi clearing the dirty, uncleared table Barbie left

Xandi clearing the dirty, uncleared table Barbie left (Bravo).

“I think she got some [bleep] in the impeller Ben explained to the captain when he was having trouble with the tender.

“It’s the sound that you never want to hear. Sand gets sucked up into the impeller, it’s like a grinding, crunching sound. It means you’re in trouble,” Ben said in the preview.

“I think the engine’s got to hot mate. Now we’ve got no [bleeping] battery. Yeah, we’re [bleeped],” Captain Kerry said after inspecting the boat being used by Ben.

Meanwhile, Barbie started to get on Second Stew Xandi’s nerves. She asked to take a five minute break in the crew mess after the guests departed for the beach. However, she ended up lazing about, scrolling on her phone and vaping for far longer, leaving the lunch table mess.

“The table can’t ever look like that. I didn’t know nothing was cleared, so I just pulled everything to the side,” Xandi informed Barbie.

“And I’m down here with um,” Barbie said of other work she was doing.

“Yeah, you could have communicated that to me,” Xandi said, clearly miffed. “I’m going to jump down in laundry.

Barbie then made an excuse for her dropping the ball. “We’re a stew down, we’re doing the best we can, you know. And you can’t be everywhere. Am I going to make mistakes, absolutely. I’m exhausted.”

Xandi quashed Barbie’s excuses in a confessional, saying she wastes energy running around not being efficient with her time.

“She doesn’t sometimes know what to prioritize before others. It is frustrating. I mean, it’s just like we should all work together and try and do what we’re told.”

At the start of the episode Xandi noted how Barbie isn’t efficient in her work.

“The way Barbie moves gives me anxiety. There’s a term that I use in yachting. It’s called spinning. You move really quickly. You seem busy, but you’re not being productive and getting more done. I wanna pop her a Xanax. I’m not a pill pusher, but like, honestly.”

Fans were quick to jump on Ben’s major mistake on the beach.

“That’s a Ben screwup (ah, he’s not perfect and if it was anyone else he’d be smirking and shaking his head condescendingly) but in fairness, that’s a no win beach scenario with the tender,” said one viewer on Reddit.

Things only get worse for Ben when he and Captain Kerry struggle to get the guests back to the superyacht due to the changing tide. Captain Kerry ended up swearing in frustration.

Ben and deckhand Kyle Stillie struggling to get the charter guests on the boat

Ben and deckhand Kyle Stillie struggling to get the charter guests on the boat (Bravo).

In other Below Deck news, the location and crew of Below Deck Down Under season 3 has leaked.

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