BB 25: Blue and Jared Showmance Timeline Explained

BB 25: Blue and Jared Showmance Timeline Explained

So if things weren’t awkward enough for Big Brother 25 houseguest Jared Fields in competing on the gameshow alongside his mom and Survivor legend Cirie Fields, his ongoing showmance in the house with New Yorker Blue Kim took it to a whole other level. It takes it to a way cringier level when he apparently has a girlfriend named McKenzie back home.

Shoutout to Reddit user Kevvvinap for calling it from the get-go. But fans are cringing and wanting Blue to freeze out Jared after he asked her about her “body count” and shamed her.

The showmance started several day into the game, with public displays of affection like handholding.

Fans started suspecting something on the live feeds on August 12. Jared was telling Blue to go and that she gets real sassy at night in a flirty voice.

Big Brother 25 Jared And Blue Showmance Timeline Explained: Hooking Up

The two flirted incessantly since entering the house and sharing the same Scaryverse bedroom.

However, Blue was a femme fatale for Jared. He said he wasn’t likely going to get in showmance because he knows cast members who get in them have a terrible record in winning the game.

Meanwhile, Blue had a Crowd Control alliance without Jared for the final three and has been talking to her ride-or-die final-two Jag Bains about how Jared is playing both sides. It looks like Blue, a brand strategist, may be toying with Jared to help further her game.

Blue and Jag whispered to each other how he’s playing both sides of the house like Cameron Hardin but better because he’s more sneaky. Little do they know he also has his mom in the house working with him. Although, Jared sort of spilled his secret to Blue after they slept together. So far only Izzy Gleicher knows that tidbit of info, and it looks like she’s keeping that ace up her sleeve to tacitly blackmail the two familial contestants to work with her.

One things for sure, houseguests are noticing all of their PDA. Izzy and Mecole Hayes noted Blue and Jared were in the Scary room for hours.

Cory Wurtenberger was trying his best to cockblock the situation.

But before a month was up, Jared caved and started sleeping with Blue. Fans are accusing Jared of allegedly cheating his seven-year girlfriend back home. In one episode, houseguests were looking for condoms to jokingly give other showmance couple but-still-celibate Cory Wurtenberger and America Lopez. They couldn’t find them because apparently Jared and Blue took them all.

When Jared won Head of Household on Week 5, the two were hooking up in the HOH room. We’ll have to wait and see how this romantic and physical relationship goes while Jared’s mom is also in the house. Fans are accusing CBS production of protecting Jared because he’s the son of CBS’s four-time Survivor competitor and reality TV darling. CBS didn’t enforce its zero-tolerance code of conduct policy for derogatory slurs towards marginalized groups when Jared used the r-word. Some fans are now boycotting the show because Jared is allowed to stay on the show. BB 25 houseguest Luke Valentine was expelled from the house after using the n-word early on in the competition.

Apparently Blue wants them to officially be girlfriend and boyfriend.

The only problem is Jared already bought “his person” on the outside a fancy engagement ring and they pretend they’re getting married.

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