All BB 25 Alliances Explained: The Professors, The Family, Crowd Control & More

All BB 25 Alliances Explained: The Professors, The Family, Crowd Control & More

A lot has changed on Big Brother 25 in week two other than just the rules of engagement in the Multiverse. The changing alliances of the Big Brother 25 houseguests have been mentally exhausting for even the most diehard fans watching the live feeds. The partnerships and cliques formed in the house seem to be changing as much as the BB 25 TV schedule this season. Let’s take a look at all BB 25 alliances and break them down so things aren’t so confusing, especially for viewers who only get the heavily edited three episodes a week.

The first week viewers watching the live stream on Pluto TV or Paramount+ saw two core alliances from. There’s been some seismic shifts in alliances since then, but let’s start there.

Week 1 – All BB 25 Alliances Explained: The Handful, Family Style, The Bye-Bye B***es, The Professors, The Phalanx 5

BB25 Week 1 Alliance Chart – Remember blood is always thicker than slop
by u/orystreams in BigBrother

Disqualified houseguest Luke Valentine prematurely made an alliance called The Phalanx 5, which included himself, Reilly Smedley, Kirsten Elwin, Matt Klotz, and Jared Fields. However, Reilly didn’t take the alliance very seriously because they barely knew each other when Luke sprung the idea on the other four. Anyway, with Reilly maybe going home this week, and Kirsten and Luke already out of the house, this might be the most cursed alliance in BB history.

Now, onto more serious week 1 alliance which have morphed in week 2.

The Handful alliance was formed in the Scaryverse bedroom’s younger occupants, including Reilly, Matt, Blue Kim, Cameron Hardin, and Jag Bains. Knowing they needed more strength in numbers to get a majority of the vote, they brought on Jared, America Lopez, and Cory Wurtenberger to make a larger alliance called Family Style.

Meanwhile, the older women formed the alliance The Bye-Bye B**ches with Cirie Fields, Izzy Gleicher, Felicia Cannon, Mecole Hayes and Bowie Jane.

The Bye-Bye B**tches alliance also knew they needed to get a majority of people on their side, so they created a second alliance called The Professors (all the older contestants) with Hisam Goueli and Red Utley. Furthermore, Cirie, along with Izzy, knew they could also count on her son Jared when they would need his vote.

All Big Brother 25 Alliances Week 2: Crowd Control, Brown Sugar Babes, The Bookends

All BB 25 alliances in week two in a chart made by Reddit user u/orystreams

All BB 25 alliances in week two in a chart made by Reddit user u/orystreams (Reddit).

Once two of The Handful alliance got put on the block things started to unravel from Cameron. He started lobbying the other side to keep him over Reilly. He divulged too much information about his alliance, and lost trust from his side. So, Blue, Jag and Reilly formed an inner circle alliance of a final three called Crowd Control. They still plan to keep The Handful and Family Style together, but plan to eventually vote off Matt and Cameron first near the end of the game.

Meanwhile, the Brown Sugar Babes alliance formed, including the three black women Cirie, Felicia and Mecole, as well as the other black contestant, Jared.

Cirie, being a senior veteran of competition games after playing Survivor four times, also solidified a final two alliance called The Bookends with the other older black woman Felicia. However, she likely plans to keep her son Jared in the final three, where she’ll then likely betray Felicia at the end if they all make it.

Final Two Alliances On Big Brother 25

Reddit user u/orystreams provided a very comprehensive chart of all the alliances in week 2, including all of the final two pacts made among houseguests.

Social butterfly Reilly’s created three final-two pacts, promising to go the end with Matt, Cory, and Jag. Devious Jag also promised to take Blue to the final vote with him.

Cory and Mecole buddied up in a final-two alliance, as well as Blue and Jared (who seem to be starting up a showmance). The two middle-aged southerners Cameron and Red naturally formed a final-two bond, too. Political consultant Mecole also created an alliance with America. Cirie, not to be outdone, has a final two with Izzy, although Izzy would be foolish to think Cirie would ever pick her over her own son. Ironically, Izzy has a final two with Jared, too. Izzy currently has a lot of power over Jared and Cirie as she’s the only other houseguest who knows their familial bond.

Anyway, all of this has given us a headache, but as the crowd gets culled all the alliances will get a lot easier to understand.

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