BB 25 Houseguest Luke Valentine: All Fans Need To Know

BB 25 Houseguest Luke Valentine: All Fans Need To Know

Big Brother 25‘s Luke Valentine may be the tall brunette co-star Reilly Smedley was talking about having a weak spot for in a possible showmance. Big Brother season 25 other sixteen houseguests could mistake Luke for a dumb jock, but he’s actually a big nerd from Florida. Let’s find out more about who BB 25 houseguest Luke Valentine.

“Fitness is extremely important to me. I try to stay fit by doing both weightlifting and yoga. I’ve got to stay fit, I’ve got to eat well. I’m obsessed with it,” Luke explained on the show’s premier.

Big Brother 25 Houseguest Luke Valentine: Age, Instagram, Hometown, Illustrator Job, More

BB 25 competitor Luke Valentine with his pet dog

BB 25 competitor Luke Valentine with his pet dog (CBS).

“I am an airhead, it’s true. But it allows people to underestimate me. If a showmance happens it happens. I’m open to it, but I know, strategically, it’s not the best move. I know I’m going to win Big Brother because I’ve got the hunger to win at all costs,” Luke said on the show.

Luke lives in Coral Springs, Florida, with his dog. He grew up in Weston, Florida, before that. Luke, age 30, works as a digital illustrator, making anime-style artwork.

“People assume I’m a big dumb jock, but I’m actually a nerd. I’m a digital artist. I’ve been an illustrator for the past eight years taking commissions. People from all over the world. People in Belgium, Saudi Arabia commission me. Being an artist, working through commission alone, I’d say there’s definitely no money, which basically means I’m a starving artist.”

It looks like Luke could really use the $750,000 Big Brother prize money.

Luke’s Instagram only includes some of his artwork, nothing about his personal life. He also doesn’t have TikTok or a public Facebook account, so he’s a bit of an enigma fans will have to learn more about by spying on him talking on the livestreams in the house.

He also shares his artwork on his X (Twitter) account.

BB 25 Houseguest Luke Valentine: Gameplay Strategy

“My strategy going into the Big Brother game is to be the friendly guy, the lovable guy. You know, maybe I’m a little dense, maybe I’m a a bit of a himbo,” Luke said in his first impression interview. “But behind that persona there’s a bit of cunning, there’s a bit of planning. There’s something going in there that I really need to be on my toes at all times, because even though we’ll all be friends, and I’m very genuine in this regard, there’s gonna be some backstabbing. There’s gonna be some deceit. This is a game of deception.

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