Physical 100’s Song A-Reum: IG, Age, Music Video, Family & More

Physical 100's Song A-Reum: IG, Age, Music Video, Family & More

Physical: 100‘s Song A-Reum lifting giant barrels effortlessly during the ship-dragging Quest 3 challenge is an eye-popping sight. She’s obviously used to doing amazing things apart from her bodybuilder husband Kim Kang-Min. Not only is she an accomplished bodybuilder in her own right, she’s a model and dedicated mom. You can find her posting on Instagram with her bikini model friends or appearing in a video by South Korean rapper Verbal Jint. Between her and husband Kim, she definitely appears to be the more versatile of the two. She can appear gentle or look like she can crush you. She seems equally at home wearing her signature bikini, a refined black dress, or just some body paint.

At 31 years-old, Physical: 100‘s Song A-Reum seems completely comfortable with herself, with her husband, and with daughter Eun-So. Her Instagram boasts a very respectable 198,000. We can hope that she survives the ship-dragging challenge as her team of ten were struggling to the finish at the end of Episode 6. This way, we can see more of her in front of the spotlight. We didn’t see much of her deathmatch challenge, or during Moving Sand because she pretty much exclusively bagged the sand. She also doesn’t appear to have a lot of friends among the cast, except for the obligatory selfie with legend Choo Sung-Hoon.

Physical 100 wife-husband duo Song A-reum and Kim Kang-min

Physical 100 wife-husband duo Song A-reum and Kim Kang-min (Instagram).

Physical: 100‘s Song A-Reum: Dancing Queen

Song A-Reum with daughter at dancing studio

Song A-Reum with daughter at dancing studio (Instagram).

Song A-Reum has embraced TikTok as well, and has accumulated 22.7K followers. There, she shows off another skill, acing dancing challenges. Her snaps on Instagram show that she enjoys posing in unconventional body positions. Many of her workouts appear to be based on dance moves as well. When it comes to moving her body, Song A-Reum seems to be a master.

Song A-Reum’s TikTok & Quiet Personality

One of the reasons Song A-Reum doesn’t get as much exposure during the show is that she is very quiet. Husband Kim Kang-Min is fairly introverted himself, but he seems to always be the one speaking in confessional segments or during family YouTube videos. On the rare occasions Song does speak, many have noticed her deep voice.

Redditors have been quick to chalk this strange quirk up to steroid use. They have levelled the same accusation at her husband, and at other competitors on the show, including the massive female bodybuilder Kim Chun-Ri. While there’s no way to prove anything, of course, doping in bodybuilding is known to be extremely common and other Physical: 100 cast members are also suspected of doping.

Song A-Reum modeling

Song A-Reum modeling (Instagram).

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