Outlast Reunion Episode: Netflix Releasing One Likely Soon

Outlast Reunion Episode: Netflix Likely Releasing One

Outlast pitted sixteen cast members all self-described as lone wolves to work on teams to try and survive the Alaskan rainforest on the Neka River. Things got very heated as desperation from starvation started to kick in for the competitors. Certain players started to play dirty to try and be the Outlast winners of the million-dollar prize. Apparently the cast still hate each other despite the show filming in the fall of 2021. So, will Netflix produce and release an Outlast reunion episode?

There are certainly several signs pointing to yes.

Outlast executive producer Grant Kahler thinks its a great idea and would make for great television.

“Definitely, yeah. We talk about it all the time, you know, with first season shows, it’s tricky with stuff like that, you know, because you never know how it’s going to do or how it’s received,” Kahler told Newsweek in an interview about a possible Outlast reunion.

However, PI Jill Ashlock in an Instagram Q&A said there has been zero talk with the cast about doing an Outlast reunion as of Sunday, March 19.

Outlast Reunion Episode Likely After Netflix’s Survival Competition Show Surges In Popularity

Outlast hit the top of the charts on Netflix for its TV shows in the US and other countries around the world.

Netflix’s Too Hot To Handle got a reunion episode three weeks after the show’s final episodes aired due to its wild popularity. So Outlast could get an ad hoc reunion episode due to its popularity. Netflix’s Perfect Match didn’t get a full reunion episode, but did get a “Where Are They Now” video where they interviewed some of the remaining couples.

“They still hate each other! To this day. I keep in touch with all of them,” Kahler said about the Outlast cast.

Bravo Team’s bohemian nomad Javier Colón isn’t holding back punches in trashing Jill  and yoga instructor Amber Asay for their sabotage and stealing from his camp. Meanwhile, Amber and Jill are claiming bad show edits and misogyny for their retaliative actions. Certainly this all needs to be settled on an Outlast reunion episode.

In the meantime, Camp Charlie (AKA Camp Bearclaw) held their own reunion on Paul Preece‘s podcast. He hosted electrician Seth Lueker, EMT Angie Kenai, and wrestling coach and teacher Nick Radner to talk about their time on the show. Only the first part of that reunion has been released and could’ve used a better host to steer the conversation to more interesting topics about the show.

Although Netflix hasn’t yet announced an official Outlast reunion episode, if the show continues to top the charts fans can expect one to be released in the next few weeks.

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