Outlast Winners On Netflix’s Show: Who Wins $1 Million Prize

Outlast Winners On Netflix's Show: Who Wins $1 Million Prize

Netflix’s new survivalist competition show Outlast is starting to trend in the streaming giant’s top 10 after its release on Friday, March 10. Netflix’s latest reality TV show is a mix of Lord of the Flies and Survivor, where contestants form teams to try and survive the harsh conditions of Alaska’s rainforest Neka River region in the late fall and early winter with little supplies. The Outlast cast members had to forage and hunt for food, build a warm shelter, maintain a fire and find clean drinking water. All while making sure the other competitors don’t sabotage their resources to survive. By the last episode, six competitors remained. So, who are the Outlast winners on Netflix’s show who ended up splitting the $1 million prize?

Team Charlie’s Nick, Seth & Paul Are Outlast Winners From Season 1

In the final episode, Outlast ended with a final mission, flipping Outlast‘s rules on their head. Team Alpha’s yoga instructor Amber Asay (age 34) and detective Jill Ashlock (age 42) raced to the finish line against team Charlie’s remaining three teammates.

Jill and Amber resting after their defeat on Outlast

Jill and Amber resting after their defeat on Outlast (Netflix).

Ultimately, Outlast Winners were wrestling coach and teacher Nick Radner, electrician Seth Lueker, and mining specialist Paul Preece. Team Charlie made it to the finish line first after Jill and Amber ended up taking a wrong turn through the dense forest. The men also risked hypothermia by taking a more direct route to the finish line by risking wading through deep, frigid waters.

Paul, due to weeks of starvation and losing weight, almost couldn’t make it to the finish line and nearly collapsed from exhaustion. His teammates helped him make it to the finish line mere minutes before Jill and Amber arrived.

At the end of the episode, the three winners all talked about their jubilation in winning the million-dollar prize the split.

Outlast's Nick celebrating winning the show

Outlast‘s Nick celebrating winning the show (Netflix).

“The first person I call is my sister. Because my sister bankrolled me to come out here ’cause I didn’t have enough money,” said Nick to the cameras, crying with joy.

“I prayed every step of teh way, and I couldn’t have done it without that. And I just prayed to God to give us the strength to push through,” Paul said. He’s using the money to put towards his young family. Paul actually started on Delta Team, but he defected once his buddy Jordan Williams had to drop out from near-starvation.

Paul talking about winning Outlast right after the show ended

Paul talking about winning Outlast right after the show ended (Netflix).

“I get to pay off all my debt, get to have a family now. Oh, that’s the biggest part of it. That’s why I’m here,” said Seth, excited to start having kids with his wife.

Seth at the end of winning Outlast

Seth at the end of winning Outlast (Netflix).

Nick, Seth, Paul and Angie Kenai all reunited for Paul’s “Between The Horns Podcast”.

How Much Outlast Winners Made In Prize Money

So Paul, Seth and Nick split a cool $1 million prize for being the last three standing on Outlast. That means all three took home a cool $333,000 (minus applicable federal and state taxes).

“Me, Paul and Seth were all ready to die out there,” Nick said in an interview with Netflix’s Tudum. “I’m dead serious. We were ready to die or get evacuated, because we would not go home or fire that gun.”

“We were looking out for each other. We’d already made a plan for the last competition. If [someone] started holding the team up, we were going to flare out. If we saw the other team [about to win] and I was the one dragging ass and causing us to lose, I was going to flare out. We were as much there for each other as we were for ourselves,” Paul told Netflix. However, the final mission required all the remaining teammates to make it to the finish line together. So tapping out wasn’t an option.

“After we won, and they took our picture with the money, someone gave me a ham sandwich. That ham sandwich was all that was on my mind at that moment. That, and my family,” Seth said about the win.

There’s a good chance Netflix will produce an Outlast reunion episode since the show topping the streaming giant’s charts.

Outlast Runner-up Jill Claims She Didn’t Lose Original Game & Show Is Fake Due To Edits

Meanwhile, Outlast runner-up PI Jill found watching the show left a bad taste in her mouth. She’s received a lot of online backlash for being part of Team Alpha’s dastardly deeds of stealing another team’s sleeping bags and sabotaging another camp’s shelter.

“You can’t see the truth for the drama!!! A game! A game show! Absolutely no one was EVER EVER in true danger! Wake the [bleep] up people. And no one else was smart enough to even move their pieces around the board, let alone win. I got outrun. Not outwitted, and sure as hell not outlasted!” Jill said on Instagram.

She also suggested Outlast is faked and heavily edited. She put up one picture showing Alpha Team actually caught eight Coho salmon, not three like the show claimed. Jill also pointed out how the show’s editing left out much of the gameplay over a month in the Alaskan wilderness and left out the real villains.

Jill showing how many salmon team Alpha actually caught while on Outlast

Jill showing how many salmon team Alpha actually caught while on Outlast (Instagram).

“Man these [cameramen] worked hard getting a ton of footage the world will never see! Our survival skills, the constructions, the TRUE villains!!! My heart breaks for them and all of their hard work, shelved away from a world that really needed to see the whole story,” Jill wrote.

Jill's Instagram post complaining about Outlast's Editing

Jill’s Instagram post complaining about Outlast‘s editing (Instagram).

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