Camille Blames Bad Edit On Show After Below Deck Firing

Camille Blames Bad Edit On Show After Below Deck Firing

Yacht stewardess Camille Lamb is calling out Below Deck season 10 producers for her unflattering portrayal on the show. Camille is blaming a bad edit on the show for making her look way worse than she actually was while working on superyacht St. David. The day after episode 8, “The Captain and Camille”, aired on Bravo, revealing Camille was fired by Captain Sandy Yawn, the aspiring singer posted a three-part statement to her Instagram stories.

Camille downplayed the lazy work ethic depiction viewers dragged her for on Below Deck season 10. She claims it was show editing that made her look terribly lazy and irresponsible.

Camille Blames Bad Edit On Below Deck Season 10 Producers Deceptive Editing

Camille Drinking On Turn over Day Before Getting Fired On Below Deck Season 10

Camille drinking on turn over day before getting fired on Below Deck season 10 (Bravo).

The former American Idol contestant posted a statement explaining her side of the story to her Instagram on Tuesday afternoon. In the first part of her story she wrote about how everyone was drinking on the turn over day. “That day is designed to appear we are working all day. Which we [are] doing some things but also one by one being taken off the boat for hours to do interviews ‘confessionals’ they call them,” Camille explained in part. “Where they offer you drinks or better yet truth serum. So I was already sauced from my interview.”

Camille appears to help herself to the charter guest’s expensive Veuve champagne in clips aired in episode 8. Chief Steward Fraser Olender reprimands her and acts exasperated she’s drinking on a workday.

Camille's statement blaming bad edit on Below Deck season 10 made her look worse

Camille explained that Fraser told her that when they finish their jobs it would be “champagne time” and said they could drink. She said she opened the same champagne she saw Fraser open at tip meetings.

The songstress did admit some of her faults however. Camile admitted she missed some things in cabins but said stewardess Hayley De Sola Pinto was also responsible for cleaning them but that she “took all the fall”.

Fraser appeared on Watch What Happens Live to talk to Andy Cohen about Below Deck season 10. He didn’t have anything kind to say about Camille’s job on the yacht except that she looked good.

Camille Also Claims Below Deck Producers Faked Her Swimming Right Before Charter Guests Arrived

Camille Blaming Below Deck Season 10 Bad Edit Statement Part Two

Camille suggested she may have been set up by Below Deck season 10 producers. She claims a producer asked her to talk to deckhand Katie Glaser about their night out. Shortly thereafter, Fraser came over to reprimand her for clocking out early. She also wrote “whatever” in regards to people saying her story is just excuses for her poor work performance.

Camille, age 24, claims there wasn’t going to be a “resolution” until her or her nemesis, second stewardess Alissa Humber left the show, so she was fine with being let go. However, the Mississippi native says she worked hard on the show. She claims producers didn’t “show any clips” of her working. She maintains she worked hard 90% of the time. The fired stew says viewers “never” heard about laundry issues. However, Captain Lee Rosbach complained repeatedly about his uniform not being ironed properly at the start of the season.

Camille's statement regrading portrayal on Below Deck season 10

Camille did admit some other mistakes on the job, though. “I forgot a few things here and there. I fully didn’t stock the fridge, I put glass in the trash.”

That said, Camille returned to blaming producers for a bad edit. One episode showed Camille swimming with love-interest Ben Willoughby right before the charter guests arrived. She says her hair was dry when the guests came for the beach picnic because she went swimming long before then.

“My accomplishments thus far are not accomplishments of a lazy person. I will continue to be accountable for my actions with no shame because at the end of the day I grow from them… and from those lessons and failures I’m one step closer to success,” Camille added at the end of her statement.

Fans are celebrating Camille getting fired. Will these same viewers change their mind after hearing Camille’s side of the story?

Alissa hasn’t yet responded to Camille’s latest statement. But last week Alissa called Camille racist due to their interactions while working together.

Meanwhile, fans are wondering if Camille and Ben are still together. They also want to know if Camille will join the cast for the Below Deck season 10 reunion.

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