Below Deck Stars & Fans Drag Lazy Camille On Season 10

Below Deck Fans Call Camille Lazy & Want Her Fired

Below Deck season 10 fans are incensed by entitled deckhand-stew Camille Lamb‘s incredibly lazy attitude on superyacht St. David. At the start of episode 1, Captain Lee Rosbach decided to make Camille “a floater” by giving her a hybrid role where she gives a helping hand to both the deck team and interior. However, fans find Camille’s floating between departments to avoid doing any work at all. Whenever Camille gets the opportunity, she shirks off any responsibility and behaves more like one of the charter guests than a yachtie on the clock. Viewers duly noted her loafing and listless behavior. Below Deck season 10 fans are calling Camille lazy and hope she gets fired.

Fans & Below Deck Stars Drag Camille For Lazy, Terrible Attitude On Season 10

Camille Trying To Control The Conversation With Bosun Ross On Below Deck Season 10

Camille trying to control the conversation with Bosun Ross on Below Deck season 10 (Bravo).

Camille’s behavior only got worse in episode 5. Chief Steward Fraser Olender gave up on trying to get her to help the interior department. She completely ignored instructions from Second Stewardess Alissa Humber, and threw out someone’s laundry and broke a bunch of wine glasses. Meanwhile, she kept trying to leave her laundry work by going out to help the deck crew, and demanding Bosun Ross McHarg give her work. She even started yelling and swearing at her superior. Ross stayed calm and put Camille in her place, sort of.

Camille also told a revealing story about her being expelled from her high school because she refused to let the principal check to see if she had her phone on her. She said she finished her GED and went to college, and had zero regret of her actions.

Below Deck stars and fans have had more than enough of Camille’s lazy work ethic and victim complex. They let her have it on social media.

It looks like Fraser and Captain Sandy Yawn will finally put the hammer down on Camille’s complete lack of work ethic in episode 6. However, fans will need to wait two weeks until after New Year’s Eve to watch the latest episode.

“Captain Sandy does NOT like to be thrown under the bus! Camille is in big trouble next week!” said one Below Deck fan on Reddit.

“The montage of Camille being slow, rude and lazy all over the boat showed it all. Also she threw away someone’s garment rather than set it aside? Like everything she does is out of laziness and indifference,” said another.

Fans are betting Camille gets fired sooner than later. However, previews show Ross making a move on her in the hot tub. Also, the Below Deck season 10 trailer shows her hooking up with deckhand Ben Willoughby. Show production will likely keep her around a while longer for the drama she unleashes.

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