Below Deck Adventure: New Deckhand Seth’s IG, Age, Job & More

Below Deck Adventure: New Deckhand Seth's IG, Age, Job & More

Below Deck Adventure‘s new deckhand Seth Jacobson joined the crew near the end of episode 7 and made quite the impression on Chief Stewardess Faye Clarke. It looks like Seth is the mystery man Faye hooks up with on the Below Deck Adventure  Seth got hired to replace fired self-described hooligan “cowboy” deckhand Kyle Dickard, who can’t keep himself out of trouble, getting arrested in Florida last month. Unassertive Bosun Lewis Lupton‘s deckhand team certainly could use a helping hand after being down a deckhand for two charters. However, it looks like Seth may be gunning for Lewis’ top position and thinks he’s a better leader. We’ll have to wait and see what Captain Kerry Titheradge thinks about Seth’s ambition and if he demotes Lewis to put the new guy in charge. Captain Kerry certainly wasn’t impressed with his current bosun’s performance on the last docking.

Seth Jacobson Joining Below Deck Adventure's Season 1 Cast

Below Deck Adventure‘s Seth Has Previous Experience In Yachting & His Captain Job

Captain Seth Jacobson Getting His Yacht Showtime! Painted All White

Captain Seth Jacobson getting his yacht Showtime! painted all white (Instagram).

Reality TV deckhand Seth is Captain Jacobson in real life outside the show. Seth had seven-years experience in the yachting industry before joining superyacht Mercury‘s crew. He ran a few boats before the show, and just came off of a “70-footer” yacht. Seth’s Instagram reveals he’s an entrepreneur who sells real estate and yachts on the side, while also running day charters on his smaller yacht in Miami, Florida. He’s even got Below Deck Adventure co-star Oriana Schneps working charters with him now.

Below Deck Adventure's Oriana Working On Captain Seth's Day Charter Yacht

Below Deck Adventure‘s Oriana working on Captain Seth Jacobson’s day-charter yacht (Instagram).

Oriana’s Below Deck Adventure charter guest boyfriend John Dampeer better watch out. She’s expressed her deep attraction to men in positions of authority. Also, she previously hooked up with a captain of a boat she was working on. On the show she also explained how she dated and moved on from a lot of men. (Oriana ditched her boatmance with Lewis to go yachting with John in Croatia right after filming Below Deck Adventure.)

Below Deck Adventure fans can book a yacht charter with Seth on his website. Seth’s YouTube channel includes Shorts of his real estate properties he’s selling as well as some of his fighting practice. He also launched his business Seth Yacht Service at the start of 2022.

“If there is any service whatsoever that captains or crew may need on a boat, we will get it done,” Seth told Dock Walk. “I believe what makes us stand out is our drive and quality of service. I can see us being one of the larger companies in the yachting space within 10 years

Seth trains in MMA, boxing and Jujutsu. He seems to get along well with the Below Deck Adventure crew, five weeks ago he attended a watch party with Oriana, Captain Kerry, Faye and Kasie Faddah. Captain Seth also looks to have hired deckhand Nathan Morley to do a crossing from the Bahamas back to Florida on his yacht Showtime!

Below Deck Adventure's Seth Jacobson Fight Training

Below Deck Adventure‘s Seth Jacobson’s fight training (Instagram).

Below Deck Adventure Deckhands Seth & Nathan Working Together on Seth's Yacht

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