Below Deck Adventure’s Bosun Lewis: Everything to Know

Below Deck Adventure's Bosun Lewis Upton: Boatmance, IG, Job & More

Below Deck fans are eager to get to know the cast of Below Deck Adventure, the fourth spinoff to the original Bravo superyacht soap drama. Below Deck Adventure‘s Bosun Lewis Lupton has big shoes to fill from previous bosuns like Eddie Lucas. Lewis, will face challenges right off the bat with his deck team, Kyle Dickard, Michael Gilman and Nathan Morley, on motor yacht Mercury. Besides the trailer showing another Below Deck boat crash, Lewis also deals with insubordination from a deckhand early on, according to Bravo. He’s also involved in a boatmance! Here’s everything fans need to know about Below Deck Adventure‘s Bosun Lewis Lupton.

Below Deck Adventure‘s Bosun Lewis Gets In Boatmance With Stew Oriana

Below Deck Adventure Boatmance: Bosun Lewis Kisses Stew Oriana In Hot Tub

Below Deck Adventure boatmance between Bosun Lewis and Stew Oriana ends up with kissing in the hot tub (Bravo).

The Below Deck Adventure trailer teases a steamy hot tub scene where Bosun Lewis Lupton and Stew Oriana Schneps have a passionate make out session.

Below Deck Adventure's Stew Oriana Schneps

Below Deck Adventure‘s Stew Oriana Schneps, who has a boatmance with Bosun Lewis Lupton (Instagram).

“I’m not gonna kiss and tell about Oriana. But let’s just say there’s things going on under the bubbles that people can’t see,” said Lewis, spilling about the boatmance.

The preview also reveals Chief Stewardess Faye Clarke also has a romantic liaison with another guy from the deck crew.

Bosun Lewis Lupton’s Instagram & Challenges On Below Deck Adventure

Bosun Lewis Lupton’s Instagram doesn’t have a lot of pictures. However, his IG does reveal his love for travel. He recently sipped on a macchiato in Milan Italy, sailed in Long Beach, New York, worked on a boat in Corinth, Greece, and swam with sharks in Exumas, Bahamas.

Lewis grew up on a farm in Northern England. It was a horse farm but they would also rescue animals. “Like my parents, I’m a bit of a workaholic. You know, I’ve worked in yachting for five years. I worked on the same vessel. I worked my way up from deckhand to first officer, The boat I was on, I would’ve stayed on longer. But when they sold the boat it felt like a breakup, with the only woman currently in my life, the boat,” Lewis said in his introduction on Below Deck Adventure‘s first episode.

Lewis will face a lot of challenges on Below Deck Adventure in Norway. Besides his boatmance, Lewis will face a deckhand getting fired or quitting. Early in the season, Below Deck‘s casting Instagram account made a job posting for deckhand. Lewis and his deck team will also face extremely cold waters in the Nordic seas. On top of that, they have to take charter guests to treacherous terrains.

Lewis should be up for the challenge though. The Englishman is a graduate of the United Kingdom Sailing Academy. He quickly rose in the ranks from deckhand to first officer on his last yacht in the Mediterranean. Although that job experience won’t prepare him for the frigid waters off the coast of Norway. It looks like he’s got the backing of his Below Deck Adventure Captain Kerry Titheradge, too. Captain Kerry told him “looking slick mate” in a recent Instagram post.

Fans can catch Bosun Lewis Lupton and the rest of the crew in the Bravo premiere of Below Deck Adventure season 1 on Nov. 1 at 8 PM EST.

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