Below Deck Adventure’s Chief Stew Faye: Everything To Know

Below Deck Adventure's Chief Stew Faye Clarke: Everything To Know

Below Deck Adventure season 1’s Chief Stewardess Faye Clarke has big shoes to fill coming after Kate Chastain, Daisy Kelliher and Hannah Ferrier. Planning activities in the harsh, cold climate off the coast of Norway and in the fjords will undoubtedly be a challenge for Faye. According to Bravo, Faye will also somewhat clash with Chef Jess Condy because the chef is a perfectionist. Fans who can’t wait to find out more about Below Deck Adventure‘s Chief Stew Faye Clarke have come to the right place.

Below Deck Adventure‘s Chief Stew Faye Is A World Traveler With Lots of Yachting & Chef Experience

Faye grew up in London, UK, before deciding to quit her day job in the corporate world at age 21 to travel the world. She joined the yachting industry in Italy. She worked her way up to the rank of chief stew. Faye is not just a skilled stewardess, however. She’s also worked as a professional makeup artist and chef.

Faye’s worked on superyachts throughout the Mediterranean. She even worked throughout the period when the pandemic hit. She also worked in on yachts based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. However, she doesn’t have a lot of experience as a chief stew.

“I’ve been a chief stew for nearly two years now. I grew up south-east London in an all-girls school. South-east London girls do our hair and makeup, we like our nails done. You don’t want to mess with us. We can have a fight,” Faye said in the first episode of Below Deck Adventure.

Back in Britain, Faye owns her own food truck business called The Salt Beef Shack. At her restaurant business she cooks salt beef bagels, curry pots, pastries, and soups.

Faye Has A Boatmance On Below Deck Adventure But Now Has A Boyfriend

Below Deck Adventure's Chief Stew Faye Has Boatmance on Show

Below Deck Adventure‘s Chief Stew Faye shared an Instagram story showing her having a boatmance with replacement deckhand Seth Jacobson on the show (Instagram).

Chief Stew Faye Clarke revealed she has a boatmance on Below Deck Adventure. The crewmate she kisses in a cabin had fans thinking it was much younger Deckhand Kyle Dickard. The preview includes her saying she’s attracted to men with some height before showing her kissing what looked like Kyle and getting embraced by him. If they had had a boatmance their age gap is at leaset 11 years! However, it turns out Faye has a boatmance with replacement deckhand Seth Jacobson, who’s a captain of a yacht in Florida outside the show.

Below Deck Adventure's Deckhand Kyle Dickard's Boatmance With Chief Stew Faye Clarke

Below Deck Adventure‘s Deckhand Kyle Dickhard embraces Chief Stew Faye Clarke while she’s working (Bravo).

Although she has a romance aboard superyacht Mercury, it’s unlikely it lasted after season 1 ended. Seth and Faye both attended a watch party together in Florida five weeks ago for a Below Deck Adventure episode airing, but she’s now dating someone else. Also, Oriana Shcneps seems to be getting closer to Seth, now working for his boat.

Faye now appears to have a boyfriend, Jack Peache, she’s made it official with on her Instagram. However, her Facebook account says she’s still single.

Faye, who turned 37 years-old March 22, 2022, also has pet dogs. Sadly, one passed away while she was working on another charter season.

“Who would have thought 30 minutes before this picture was taken I’d been crying about my dog that passed, cried that my best friend is going through a bad time, dropped my laptop, screamed at the dogs (that are still alive), hung up the phone on my mother!! And I checked my bank balance,” Faye wrote in a recent Instagram post while on charter.

Faye’s also on TikTok, where she posts funny videos goofing around and Below Deck Adventure behind-the-scenes footage.

The show’s trailer suggest Faye may struggle at first gaining the respect of her fellow Below Deck Adventure cast mates. Fans will have to wait to find out how Faye does as chief stew on the show when it premieres on November 1, 2022 on Bravo.

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