Below Deck Adventure – Cast, Premiere Date, Location & More

Below Deck Adventure's Cast, Premiere Date, Location, Superyacht, Charter Guests & More

Bravo dropped the premiere date and trailer for Below Deck Adventure and this might be the best spinoff series for the yachtie reality TV show yet. Below Deck fans wanting to know everything about Below Deck Adventure‘s premiere date, new cast, superyacht, charter guests, and more have come to the right place.

Below Deck Adventure Premier Date, Filming Dates & Location In Norway

Below Deck Adventure will premiere on Bravo on November 1, 2022. The newest Below Deck spinoff is slotted to air on Tuesdays, unlike other Below Deck shows, which air on Mondays. The time slot will likely be 8 or 9 p.m. EST, the same time that other Below Deck shows typically air. The show will also stream on Peacock TV, but it’s unclear if episodes will be released a week in advance (like Below Deck Med season 7 does).

Below Deck Adventure‘s production crew was in Norway filming from July 25 to September 14 of the summer of 2021, according to one of the show’s makeup artist’s Instagram. The show is filmed off the coast of the port town of Ålesund, Norway. The city is known for its stunning architecture, Viking history, large fishing harbor and neighboring fjords (water inlets with large cliffs surrounding them).

A Fjord View A Charter Guest Took While On Below Deck Adventure

A stunning view of a fjord in Norway taken by a charter guest while on Below Deck Adventure (Instagram).

Below Deck Adventure‘s Cast: Captain & Chef

The cast of Below Deck Adventure season 1 are from all around the world.

Captain Kerry Titheradge is originally from Australia but now lives in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, spending time with his two kids and partner,  according to Bravo. He has over two decades of experience yachting and worked in the Mediterranean, Pacific Northwest, Caribbean and other exotic locations. Captain Kerry’s Instagram shows he enjoys spending time with his kids and partner, working as captain for charter superyachts, jet skiing and being on the open water.

Below Deck Adventure's Captain Kerry Working On A Charter Yacht

Below Deck Adventure‘s Captain Kerry works on a charter season in Florida (Instagram).

Below Deck Adventure's Captain Kerry With His Partner

Captain Kerry with his partner, it’s unclear if she is his wife or girlfriend (Instagram).

Below Deck fans know chefs from the season are all a bit crazy, or at least hotheaded. Chef Jess Condy appears to more grounded than previous chefs. Although, Below Deck Adventure‘s preview does shows her “cleansing her aura”. Chef Jess’s Instagram also reveals she’s quite spiritual. She’s also recently worked on writing a book called The Chef’s Galley: Diary of a Gourmet Goddess. Jess also hosts a podcast called Finding the Recipe To You. Each episode Chef Jess interviews highly successful women on their career and life.

Below Deck Adventure's Chef Jess

Below Deck Adventure‘s Chef Jess talks about cleansing her aura (Bravo).

Chef Jess got a first first-class culinary education at Ballymaloe Cookery School back in 2010, according to LinkedIn. Jess also ran her own catering company in Spain, cooked for private yachts as a holistic chef, and founded her company Wild Wanderlust Wellness five years ago. She’s also a certified yoga teacher.

Chef Jess’s Instagram also shows off some of her impressive gourmet food she creates. Fans can expect her to give Chef Rachel and Chef Marcos a run for their money.

Below Deck Adventure's Chef Jess's Food

Chef Jess shows off a gourmet octopus dish she made (Instagram).

Meet Below Deck Adventure‘s Chief Stew Faye Clarke

Below Deck Adventure's Chief Stew Faye Clarke Spilling Champagne Glasses

Below Deck Adventure‘s Chief Stew Faye Clarke spilling champagne glasses on superyacht Mercury (Bravo).

Working with Chef Jess in interior is Below Deck Adventure‘s Chief Stew Faye Clarke. Faye hails from London, England. She used to work in the business world before abandoning it to become a yachtie. According to Faye’s Instagram, she’s also a chef and makeup artist and has traveled all around the world.

The 37-year-old chief stew also appears to be in a committed relationship.

Below Deck Adventure‘s Bosun, Deckhands & Stews

Bosun Lewis Lupton From Below Deck Adventure

Below Deck Adventure‘s Bosun Lewis Lupton explaining his boatmance in the preview (Bravo).

The deck team on Below Deck Adventure is led by Bosun Lewis Lupton. He trained at the United Kingdom Sailing Academy and has experience working in the Mediterranean, according to Bravo. Lewis is in charge of deckhands Nathan Morley and Michael Gilman.


Nathan’s Instagram reveals he loves to party and travel. His Bravo profile suggests his friendliness with the charter guests might get him in trouble on the show. He also shared on his IG some of his time while working on Below Deck Adventure in Norway.

Fellow deckhand Michael’s Instagram shows the Long Islander is a merchant mariner and loves skiing. According to Bravo he struggles to make the transition from working on commercial boats to the yachting world. There’s a high probability Michael was fired or quit Below Deck Adventure because Below Deck casting released a job posting for a replacement deckhand while filming the show.

Kyle Dickard is the third deckhand on Below Deck Adventure. The native Texan has five years experience working in the yachting industry. Kyle’s Instagram shows he loves to party and go on open water adventures.

The two stews working under Faye are Kasie Faddah and Oriana Schneps.

Kasie is originally from Seattle. She left the Mormon church, and now lives in Costa Rica, according to Bravo. Apparently she doesn’t get along with the rest of the crew at the start of the charter season.

Oriana is originally from Boston and got into yachting after a marine biologist research expedition in the Caribbean. The show’s preview also reveals that a boatmance starts between Oriana and Bosun Lewis in the hot tub.

Below Deck Adventure‘s Yacht, Charter Guests & Extreme Activities

Captain Kerry and the rest of the crew worked on superyacht Mercury. The yacht is 164 feet long, has five cabins, and can fit 12 guests and 12 crew members.

So far media outlets have reported on one of the charter guests on Below Deck Adventure will be Real Housewives of Salt Lake City star Heather Gay. Reportedly she talked about “hot tub” sex happening aboard Mercury while she was on the show.

Show Star News did some Instagram digging and it looks very likely optometrist influencer and Doctor Jennifer Tsai was another charter guest on Below Deck Adventure. She posted pictures of her adventuring in Norway at the time of filming and follows much of the cast from the show.

Jennifer also went swinging over a cliff while in Norway.

Below Deck Adventure promises a lot of extreme activities for charter guests compared to other Below Deck shows. The show’s press release and trailer promises helicopter rides, rappelling, mountain climbing, biking and cave scuba diving. If fans want more, they can find Below Deck Adventure spoilers here.

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