Love Is Blind: How Apple Watch Exposed Jeramey Lying To Laura

Love Is Blind: How Apple Watch Exposed Jeramey Lying To Laura

Reality TV star Jeramey Lutinski took an absolute tsunami of Netflix viewers’ vitriol after Love Is Blind season 6‘s latest episodes revealed he lied to his ex fiancée Laura Dadisman. Now, Jeramey claims the edits made him look terrible, but that all will be explained once the show’s finale and reunion air in a couple of weeks. Meanwhile, Laura is sharing fans mocking Jeramey lying about his all-night rendezvous with Sarah Ann. Now some fans think they figured out how an Apple Watch exposed Jeramey lying to Laura about being at Sarah Ann’s place.

“You left at 10:45 PM and you were out until five-something in the [bleeping] morning,” Laura yelled at Jeramey after he was out all night. “The bars close at two, what were you doing until five o-clock?”

“Went to originally go to a karaoke bar. As I was leaving here, location changed, told were going to Lost and Found… When I was halfway there, got a text message from one of the guys from the pods, saying, ‘Hey, Sarah is out here. Just so you know.’ I directly was like, ‘I’m probably gonna turn around.'”

Jeramey tried to allay Laura’s fears he cheated on her with Sarah Ann by pointing out he shared his location.

“I am sorry for that, but, like, as an extra layer of reassurance, like, I shared my location with you. Just so you know exactly where I was at.”

Laura didn’t buy this ploy for a second. “How was that supposed to give any reassurance?! Nor do I want to be engaged to someone to where I need that level or reassurance. Where I need to follow their location?”

Love Is Blind Season 6: Apple Watch Exposed Jeramey Lying To Laura

Jeramey getting caught in his lie about only hanging out in the parking lot with Sarah Ann

Jeramey getting caught in his lie about only hanging out in the parking lot with Sarah Ann (Netflix).

Upon asking Jeramey where he was, he said he was in the parking lot. She then asked him if she was just hanging out in the parking lot until five in the morning and he doubled down.

He then decided he wasn’t going to let someone else dictate what he can do, so he went to the bar. There, Sarah Ann ran up to him and hugged him, then walked off. He then said he hung back to talk about things with her.

“I don’t wanna talk about that this second.”

Laura then informed him he wasn’t at the parking lot of Lost And Found all night and he looked shocked.

“Don’t share your location then if you don’t want me to check it at 5 AM.”

“That’s BS. I parked. There’s Lost and Found. Then there’s an alley that cuts back there…”

“You weren’t even in South End. You were north of Uptown which is where Sarah Ann lives,” Laura informed him, revealing his geolocation messed up.

Fans were quick to figure out how Jeramey could get caught lying by his Apple Watch.

“Jeramy shared his location with her thinking he was so slick because he left his phone in a parked car ‘in the alley,’ but then he got in Sarah Ann’s car and went up north to her house,” one fan speculated in a Reddit post that went viral.

“Per Apple’s website, if you’re wearing an Apple watch with cellular sharing your location and don’t have your phone on you, the location of your watch will be shared. And he was definitely looking at his watch in that scene!!”

After Laura said she didn’t have anything else left to say and she wanted out of the relationship, Jeramey looked at his watch guiltily.

Since all of the online backlash, Sarah Ann has spoke out saying nothing happened that night.

“What’s so strange to me is people are literally in my DMs like, ‘Girl, you’re laughing, you’re proud. I would never be proud of something like that. You can’t bring someone down who knows what did and did not happen. I can laugh at it and what you’re saying about me because I was there and I know the truth. And soon you will know the truth. Golly!” said Sarah Ann in an Instagram story.

Whether or not they cheated that night, clues suggest Jeramey and Sarah Ann are still dating today.

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