BB 25: Who Are Cameron’s Nominations For Eviction On Week 6

BB 25: Who Are Cameron's Nominations For Eviction On Week 6

Big Brother 25 houseguest Cameron Hardin is clearly a fierce competitor and knows he needs to keep winning in order to stay in the house. During the Pressure Cooker Competition, Cameron lasted nearly 14 hours standing before he and America Lopez made a deal to let him win HOH two weeks ago. He has also won some veto competitions, and is quickly becoming a comp beast. Now fans are wondering who are Cameron’s nominations for eviction as the winner of Head of Household on week 6. He made his nominations on Friday night.

The other houseguests will be severely weakened because they have to take cold showers, take turns sleeping in the Humiliverse room, and eat Big Brother slop all week as have-nots. So Cameron has a great opportunity to take out one of the ringleaders of the house, Izzy Gleicher, Cirie Fields, her son Jared Fields, or Felicia Cannon. His nominations will be vital for his survival in the game. And lots of fans think they know the best two houseguests for him to put up on the block. But Cameron has now nominated two houseguests for eviction.

Who Are Cameron’s Nominations On Week 6 Of Big Brother 25

Cameron got his revenge for his buddy Red Utley, after their sham alliance betrayed them.

He realized most of the house doesn’t like him and wants to vote him out. His only Hail Mary gameplay was to break up the power players of the game and make an alliance with the other floaters and outsiders in the house. And he did just that. At the nominations ceremony, HOH Cameron put up Felicia and Izzy as the two nominees on the block. Fans were relieved a player finally made a bold power play. Cameron also worked on building some alliances with the outsiders of the house from the main power structure.

Izzy has power over Jared and Cirie because she could expose their relationship as mom and son. If she feels threatened things could get very messy this week.

Meanwhile, Bowie Jane is an obvious friendly to keep in the house for Cameron. He had a good conversation with her in the HOH bedroom where the both talked about being blindsided.

America Lopez and Cory Wurtenberger also make sense to keep as allies. Although he’s been kind of creepy towards America and Cory, they still could use each other in opposing the other side of the house. America toyed with Cameron’s ego when they talked privately in the HOH room. Cameron and America had a good conversation before the nominations were made.

Although Matt Klotz apparently wants to work closely with Cirie, Jag Bains could change his mind because she told his secret about his power of invincibility to Jared. So far though, Matt is lying to Cameron about Cirie being a ringleader in blindsiding him, Red and Bowie on the vote. Unfortunately Jag talked to much behind Cameron’s back, so he told Jag straight to his face he doesn’t trust him.

Mecole Hayes and Blue Kim don’t pose major threats, but aren’t people he can really trust and build alliances with at this point in the game. He mocked Blue fake crying when he suggested he is putting her on the block.

However, Cameron right after the competition made it seem he was still going to follow the plan of his sham alliance with Cirie, Felicia, Izzy, Mecole, Bowie, and Matt, even though they voted out fellow member and his ride-or-die Red Utley. Despite the alliance’s betrayal, Cameron in the HOH room and from his talks after winning, convinced the players he was planning to nominate Jag and Blue. However, that was a ruse. Instead he was planning a shock and awe week in which he surprised the ringleaders of the house by putting up two of them. If he’s looking to just play villain and further alienate himself why not go for a couple of the queens of the house: Felicia and Izzy? Before the nominations, Cameron told Bowie and Matt that they should tell everyone he’s planning to nominate Blue and Jag, and use America as a replacement nom.

For some reason Cameron doesn’t want to get rid of Jared, and still trusts him somewhat, even though Jared put him on the block last week. Did Cameron not look at all the disappointed faces after he won HOH again? Fans at this point are very disappointed in the lack of game of most of the competitors this season. Most of the houseguests are sheep following Izzy and Cirie’s commands. Meanwhile, Blue is crying and pleading with Cameron not to put her on the block. Yet Cameron has finally showed some gamesmanship that was sorely lacking.

Twitter/X blew up with superfans suggesting who would actually be ideal for Cameron to make the nominees.

Fans will recall how nasty Izzy has been about Cameron. His buddy Red also told him how Izzy looked sad and disappointed last time Cameron won HOH. Cameron didn’t forget what his buddy Red told him.

The 34-year-old, self-described space cowboy made a decision that impressed a lot of viewers at home. Now fans will get to watch the house descend in chaos as everyone begins jockeying for safety as a power shift emerges.

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