How Old Is Red From Big Brother 25 & When Is His Birthday?

How Old Is Red From Big Brother 25 & When Is His Birthday?

Big Brother 25 houseguests made a big hoopla for Red Utley‘s birthday on Week 5 while Jared Fields was the Head of Household. The BB 25 cast took turns wearing Red’s country hat imitating the self-described chillbilly (a hybrid of a hippie and hillbilly) southern drawl, hilarious anecdotes, and goofy expressions. Unfortunately Red’s colorful personality hasn’t been displayed at all in the first 14 episodes, but he’s definitely entertaining superfans on the live feeds. Although everyone was nice to Red on his birthday, it may be like the mafia, where they come with a smile before they whack you. But fans want to know, how old is Red from Big Brother 25 and when is his birthday?

Red’s birthday is on September 5, which makes his zodiac sign Virgo. Those who fall under the astrological sign of Virgo tend to have personalities that are self-effacing, humble and industrious. Well, it turns out Red has that in spades. He’s always making himself the butt end of jokes, doesn’t have too much of an ego, and is an entrepreneur with his own chain of stores called the Smoky Grass Station that sell cannabis, beer, and moonshine products.

Red, whose real first name is Michael according to Instagram, is a divorced dad with a couple of kids and dogs, including a over-100-pound German Shepherd, who hails from Gatlinburg, Tennessee.

How Old Is Red From Big Brother 25 And How Did The Houseguests Celebrate?

CBS stated Red’s age was 37 when entering the Big Brother house back on August 2, 2023. So, Red turned 38 years old on his Sept. 5th birthday, and was born in the year 1985.

The houseguests went all out to throw a birthday bash for Red. He was in bad spirits after he and his buddy Cameron Hardin were put up on the block by HOH Jared. He heard from Jared that Cameron was willing to betray him. Instead of checking with Cam, he was convinced it was the truth. He became very sad, even sobbing at times. But the self-described Chillbilly got into better spirits once Cameron won the Power of Veto and Jag Bains was the replacement nomination.

Miss Felicia Cannon requested from producers to get supplies to bake a birthday cake for Red on Monday night, the eve before his birthday. The houseguest played a game called “Reducation” where they had him sit on a chair while they all took turns imitating his funny way of talking and the expressions he uses.

They then brought Red breakfast in bed.

Although fans haven’t got to know Red well in the first fourteen episodes, Red’s a TikTok star where his larger-than-life personality really shines.


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