Henry From Dated And Related: Job, Age, Relationship Status, IG

Henry From Dated And Related: Age, Relationship Status, IG, Job & More

Henry Wade and his brother William caused mayhem when they appeared midway through Dated And Related. The twinfluencer models had no trouble turning heads with their rugged good looks and posh accents. However, the two of them struggled to build deeper connections with the women they initially charmed. Neither one of them made it to the finals. Henry held his own in a double date with the Parsijani twins Nina and Diana and had a short dalliance with Corrina Roppo. Still, he was the subject of a no-hope elimination along with Ceylan Taneri when Rachel picked his brother William to remain on the show. Because William was left without his brother, he made more of an impression on his own. Maybe we’re missing something when it comes to Henry? Let’s find out.

Dated And Related Star Henry’s Age, Birthday & Relationship Status

Like his twin William, Henry Wade was born on April 10 and celebrated his 30th birthday this year. This makes him a confident, creative, and often headstrong Aries. He has no signs of being in anything like a relationship now. If his time on the show is anything to go by, he’s a player like his brother and has no trouble attracting women if he so desires.

Honest Henry’s Job As An Influencer On Instagram, TikTok, & YouTube

Henry Wade has his own suite of socials to complement the joint accounts both twins have. You have to look closely for differences between the identical two, but they do exist. For example, when they appear together in an Instagram post, Henry usually adds more blonde highlights to his hair. William opts for a slightly darker look. Sometimes, Henry opts for a spikier hairstyle while William prefers to keep his hair smooth.

Also, Henry Wade seems to be a bit more of an introvert than his brother. His Insta posts lean more toward country settings, hanging out in sunny meadows and among the trees. Henry, like his brother, works as a digital content creator and influencer in the men’s fashion and fitness spaces.

Often, Henry Wade’s posts show him after a run on some secluded road or resting after the London Marathon. He also seems to be more in favor of fitness vids than William, and has documented his journey back from a painful shoulder injury.

Henry Wade has recently gotten into the Web3 space. He attended the NEARCON conference in Lisbon, Portugal. There, he soaked up plenty of sun as he learned about how technology works. Henry also has a TikTok account with his brother where they have 750,000 followers! The dynamic identical twin duo post short videos about what’s going on in their lives there.

Henry Wade is also much more into the growth mindset side of things than his brother. His YouTube recently took a turn towards trying to get people more inspired about the things they’re passionate about.

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