Daniel From Dated & Related: Age, Job, Relationship Status, IG

Daniel From Dated And Related: Age, Relationship Status, Job, IG & More

Daniel from Dated And Related got the attention of the ladies in the villa in southern France as soon as he joined the Netflix show. Corrina Roppo immediately tried to rope in Daniel. Her insisting on getting a kiss and clinginess right off the bat scared Daniel off. He eventually pursued twin Nina Parsijani, and the two made it to the end of the show as a couple. Here’s everything you need to know about Daniel Perfetto, including his relationship status with Nina, age, job, IG, TikTok and more.

Dated And Related Stars Daniel & Nina Are Still Dating Each Other After Show

Daniel & Nina Are Still Together After Dated And Related

Dated And Related stars Daniel and Nina are in a long-distance relationship since the show ended. The couple haven’t seen each other in over a year though (Netflix)!

Daniel is in a long-distance relationship with Nina since Dated And Related ended filming in the summer of 2021. However, the supposed couple haven’t seen each other since the show ended! That’s over a year ago! Daniel lives in Canada, although he’s currently living in LA, and Nina lives in London with her sister, Diana.

“There hasn’t been a day that has gone by since the show where she hasn’t been on my mind,” Daniel said to Netflix’s publication Tudum. “Even though we are long distance, we’ve stayed in contact pretty much every day. If we aren’t texting, we are FaceTiming or on the phone. Since the day I met her, she’s always managed to keep me laughing and it’s just always felt right, which makes it fun and easy talking to her.”

Nina also says she can’t wait to see Daniel, but neither seems to be compelled enough to buy a ticket to see their supposed boyfriend/girlfriend.

The relationship sounds bogus, especially when considering how much else of Dated And Related is fake and scripted. Hopefully fans will get a reunion episode to see just how real this supposed long-distance relationship really is.

Daniel Perfetto’s Job, Age Instagram, TikTok

Daniel Perfetto’s Instagram shows that Daniel enjoys working out and traveling. He works as a client care specialist and appears to be an aspiring fitness influencer, like his younger sister Julia. His new TikTok has already blown up to have over 10,000 followers. He recently shared a video of him and bromance buddy Joey Roppo working out together. Apparently Daniel is six foot three inches and weighs 200 pounds. Daniel, Julia, Joey and Corrina have all been hanging out in LA recently.

Daniel is age 25, and there’s a video he shared on IG of him holding Julia, age 22, when she was a newborn baby back in 1999.

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