Who’s Kenneth From Love Is Blind S6: Job, Age, Birthday, Instagram, TikTok, More

Who’s Kenneth From Love Is Blind S6: Job, Age, Birthday, Instagram, TikTok, More

We really hope that race isn’t why Kenneth Gorham drifts out of love with his Love Is Blind fiancée. With all the love triangles and rectangles and other drama flying around, Kenneth and Brittany Mills seemed solid. Kenneth didn’t look wildly in love at the reveal ceremony, but he seems to be a quiet guy in general. Brittany and Kenneth connected over faith and they were aware of the difference in skin color before the reveal. And at the romantic getaway to the Dominican Republic, they seemed to be relaxing and enjoying a chaste vacation while other couples spiraled.

So what happened? Admittedly we don’t see a lot of them in the preview, but Brittany directly calls Kenneth out for acting differently towards her. He seemed more interested in his phone than his wife-to-be. And when we apply the marriage license test, things don’t look good for them. We’ll see if we can find any clues when we ask, who’s Kenneth from Love Is Blind season 6?

Who’s Kenneth From Love Is Blind? Age, Birthday, Principal Job, TikTok, Education, IG, Church

Love Is Blind star Kenneth in his principal's office at his school

Love Is Blind star Kenneth in his principal’s office at his school (Instagram).

Kenneth’s story up to this point seems to be an inspiring one. There are countless news reports about how he became the principal of a middle school at the young age of 24. The school in question is a charter school in Charlotte, NC, called Movement Freedom Middle School. Every article you can find on Kenneth talks about how empathic and resilient he is, so the relationship troubles are still a mystery. Don’t forget that he also took time to comfort Clay Gravesande during an emotional moment on the show. According to Kenneth’s LinkedIn, he was a 5th grade teacher and a coach at the school first. He seems to have gotten the job almost directly out of university. He graduated from North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University in May 2019, and was employed by August of that same year.


My belief in our children is endless. So blessed, honored, and humbled to be able to lead this movement of change. #MovementSchools #principalsoftiktok #fyp #blackhistory #blackhistorymonth #educatorsoftiktok

? original sound – Kenneth Gorham

Kenneth did want to go to law school, but despite excelling academically he encountered racism from teachers. It’s a story that is all over his Instagram and TikTok as well. You’ll find other things on Kenneth’s IG, such as a post on his stories where a fan praises his decision to wait for marriage. If Ken and Brittany are done for good, why would he approve this post? We can also find Kenneth’s place of worship, The Park Church Online, and glowing testimonials from parents and kids alike. He has over 10,000 followers on IG, and over 1,000 on TikTok as of writing.

Kenneth celebrated his 26th birthday on Sept. 12, 2023, meaning he was only age 25 on the show. Kenneth’s zodiac sign is Virgo, which explains his high level of organization, discipline and reliability.

Who’s Kenneth From Love Is Blind? Family, Age, Possible Ex Girlfriend?

Kenneth marking his 26th birthday on Sept. 12

Kenneth marking his 26th birthday on Sept. 12 (Instagram).

It looks like Kenneth is part of a blended family, as shown on his IG. Some members of his family take the last name “Gunn”, while others have “McInnis.” There’s also the rather cryptic statement he has on his LIB profile: “I’ve made peace with my past and I’m ready to love again.” So, does Kenneth have a love he’s not truly ready to let go of? There is one comment from IG user @janaymyluv from 2022 that says, “My handsome Boo <3”. We won’t know for a few days, but is Kenneth hiding a secret?

Sadly, as Kenneth said on the show, his mom died when he was 12 due to an aggressive cancer.

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