Alone: What Happened To Nathan Donnelly After Season 6

Alone Season 6’s third place finisher Nathan Donnelly survived 72 days in the Arctic. You wouldn’t expect fire to be a problem in the frigid cold, but Nathan’s shelter burned to the ground. Like most of the season’s contestants, Nathan won praise from the fans for his ingenuity and skill on the show. He was one of the few contestants to be filmed using fire-heated rocks for extra warmth. He also made it as far as he did without a fire-starting device, the only contestant to do so. However, when Nathan tried to GoFundMe $4,000 to build a tiny house for himself, some fans were upset. They wondered why he couldn’t find sponsors considering he was on a widely watched TV show. It’s just one of the things people wonder about when they ask, what happened to Nathan Donnelly?

From everything else we know, Nathan just seems really committed to living off the land. He does have a bit of a holier-than-thou activist persona, but there’s no doubt that he lives his values. Plus, as we’ll see, he has skills no other Alone contestant has demonstrated thus far.

What Happened To Nathan Donnelly? Hometown, Website, LinkedIn, Permaculture Consultant Job, Other Jobs/Activism, YouTube, IG

Nathan comes from Lopez Island in Washington State, USA. If that sounds familiar, it’s the same place that Randy Champagne and Callie North have their compound. In fact, Nathan is a customer of theirs as he tagged them in an IG post. Nathan’s low-tech website makes it clear that he spends a lot of time doing local activism there. You might not know what “permaculture” is, but that’s Nathan’s main business according to his LinkedIn. Basically, Nathan designs and plants environmentally sustainable and disaster resistant vegetation and plant life. He also has training as a biologist, a parks manager, and has a long history of teaching disaster preparedness.

Pretty much all of Nathan’s social media is on his Instagram, which boasts a fairly small 2,127 followers. He also has a YouTube channel with gear reviews and explanations of his time on Alone. However his follower count is pretty low here too, with 730 subscribers. His website says he teaches nature and survival courses “whenever possible” but there aren’t links to any signup courses. He also states that he has experiences fighting fires and heading up the youth conservation corps. His IG stories show that he mostly guest instructs at schools headed up by others, such as this one.

Alone Season 6’s Nathan Donnelly: Birthday, Age, Zodiac, Dog, Heritage, Political Views

Nathan celebrated his 45th birthday on April 5 of this year. This means that he is a driven, headstrong Aries. Nathan is not in a relationship at the moment, but he is sometimes photographed with Abby his border collie. In another post on his IG, he celebrates his Irish heritage and says rising up against colonialism is the best way to celebrate those roots. Unlike many of the contestants on Alone, Nathan’s political views are fairly far to the left and he is not shy about expressing them. He is a committed supporter of Palestine and shares many posts supporting a ceasefire there. He is very anti-traditional medicine as well, and sleeps with a crystal under his bed to make sure he stays pure.

Nathan’s refusal to compromise may split fans, but he’s definitely not doing anything for clout or followers.

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