Bravo Releases Camille Getting Fired On Below Deck In Full

Bravo Releases Camille Getting Fired On Below Deck In Full

Below Deck season 10 star Camille Lamb didn’t go quietly when she was fired by Captain Sandy Yawn. Bravo dropped a teaser video of Camille getting fired in full and things got a bit dicey before she finally departed superyacht St. David. Camille first acted incredibly shocked when Captain Lee Rosbach’s replacement told her she was being let go.

“I just feel like being let go is like the last thing I want to do,” a stunned Camille told Captain Sandy, as if she had some choice in the matter.

“I wish that my job was to give people chance after chance after chance. But the reality is I have a charter to run. I have to have a unison on this boat,” Captain Sandy responded.

Captain Sandy then said in a monologue she had “probably ten conversations with her and she blew it. And now, today, is her last day.”

Camille then rolled her eyes at the captain before huffing and saying “Well it was nice to know you, and I appreciate everything. But this right here is debauchery [sic] to be honest,” she said.

Camille Getting Fired On Below Deck Teaches Her Nothing As She Confronts Department Heads & Gets Angry

Chief Steward Fraser Olender Crying After Camille Fired On Below Deck Season 10

In true Camille fashion she brought the drama on her last hurrah on the show. The diva tried to portray her as the wronged damsel in distress.

“I’m very, very pissed off because I’ve done everything I can do to please these people. And I don’t deserve to get fired. It’s [bleep]!”

She then confronted Chef Rachel Hargrove for her apparently unsatisfactory work ethic for all department heads.

Rachel bluntly told her she did have issue with the aspiring singer because of her inability to “follow through with tasks” and “the attitude during drinking, argumentative and combative”.

When Camille guffawed and said “really!?” Rachel told her to move on to the next department head.

Chief Steward Fraser Olender and Camille’s direct boss took a different tact. He hugged Camille goodbye and acted as if he was surprised. Meanwhile, Fraser was the one who told Captain Sandy to fire her. He also cried because of her firing. Camille dismissed Fraser after he told her he didn’t feel her heart was in it. She also told him she got all of her work done.

After the last charter Camille helped herself to charter guests’ Veuve champagne before finishing cleaning the cabins. When confronted by Fraser she made excuses which was the last straw for him.

Bosun Ross McHarg just brushed off Camille’s attempts to confront him like batting away a fly. He said he didn’t know and didn’t have time.

She then spent her last moments on the boat saying goodbye to her bunkmate Katie Glaser and her boatmance Ben Willoughby. The couple kissed each other goodbye, leaving fans wondering if Camille and Ben are still together after Below Deck season 10. Camille also made sure to change her outfit to a fluffy white top from the first Primary Charter Guest Peng Lim to wear as her exit outfit when leaving Saint Lucia.

Below Deck fans celebrated Camille getting fired.

Ben & Camille Defend Her Work While Doing Job On Below Deck Season 10

Below Deck Season 10 Star Camille Lamb Partying With Below Deck Sailing Yacht season 3 star Ashley Marti

Despite fans dragging Camille’s apparent laziness on Below Deck season 10, Ben the former American Idol contestant from Mississippi defended her work ethic on the show.

Camille defended her work ethic and attitude in a Q&A. She later blamed bad editing from Below Deck producers for making her look way worse than she was in reality. Ben said Camille was the hardest worker on the last charter she did before getting fired and that Second Stew Alissa Humber gaslit and bullied her.

Alissa previously called Camille racist for the way she interacted with her on the boat. The Floridian of Jamaican heritage claimed Camille’s rude behavior stemmed from her not wanting to take orders from a black boss.

Since news broke Camille gets fired from Below Deck season 10, the songstress is working on dropping a music video for her new single “Cool Like Me”. She also recently went clubbing with Below Deck Sailing Yacht season 3 star Ashley Marti. Ashley also got villainized by the fanbase. Fans are hoping Camille doesn’t follow Ashley’s lead by opting out of the reunion episode.

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