Why Fans Dislike Izzy On BB 25 & Her Gameplay In House

Why Fans Dislike Izzy On BB 25 & Her Gameplay In House

Is Izzy Gleicher about to turn on Cirie Fields and her son Jared Fields? Cirie went on a rant recently on the live feeds where she was upset with Izzy. Izzy was using M&Ms, of all things, to plan her next moves. Meanwhile, Cameron Hardin is talking to Jared about backdooring Izzy, while Izzy and Cirie have a plan to backdoor Felicia Cannon. Izzy has also done a to-be-or-not-to-be about how she is getting tired of putting Jared and Cirie above her own needs. If that’s not enough, Cameron is cozying up to Izzy and saying she is his new best friend. This constant flip flopping may help answer to the question on Big Brother 25: Why Fans Dislike Izzy.

Izzy’s chaotic energy makes it impossible to look away from her antics. There’s her wild facial expressions, her constant upstaging of Cirie’s methodical game, and her jockeying for position against Felicia. This easily makes her the most polarizing person in the house. But she’s one of the few people in the house who knows about Jared and Cirie’s familial connection. Getting rid of her would be hard if not impossible. Plus, she has been very loyal in carrying out Cirie’s instructions — thus far. In preparation for tonight’s elimination, she kept the house’s focus on the mission of breaking up Cameron and Red Utley’s alliance by focusing on Red. But on the other hand she can’t stop doing stunts like hiding in the shower from Bowie Jane Ball. Houseguests aren’t the only ones annoyed by her behavior — fans are getting that way too.

Why BB 25 Fans Dislike Izzy’s Intensity & Meanness

As a Big Brother superfan, Izzy would be a lot no matter what else was going on in the house. Most of the criticism centers around how she can be too sexual, too loud, too close to Cirie, or too emotional. Her crying is one of the points that gets routinely brought up.

brittanydiesattheend says, “Always talking game. Crying too much. Very up people’s butt all the time. Would not give anyone space. But also was rarely wrong.” Other people complain about her unvarnished honesty and criticism of other players’ traits. CyndiXero points out, “All I’ll say is her saying that Cameron gives serial killer vibes on night one seemed like a rough first impression of her.”

Yet, fans can’t help but admire how much heart she puts into her game.

“I have a major soft spot for Izzy. I like intense players that play hard. She’s also had some funny live feed one-liners that I hope make the edit. She reminds me of a less good Vanessa. Definitely a divisive player.”

Big Brother 25: Why Fans Dislike Izzy’s Gameplay

However, there are other times when Izzy is giving mean girl energy. llcooldubs complains that “The only issue I really have with Izzy is when she thinks she has power and is kind of mean behind people’s backs. First of all it’s bad game play and second of all it’s not needed.” We saw this with Reilly Smedley and Blue Kim. User SleepyPatrickStar reminds us that “She called Reilly self-centered for staying in her room to decompress. She also talks badly about Blue behind her back.” Knowing that the chaotic Izzy could flip on the Fields or anyone else at any moment is a ticking time bomb. We’re all here for it to explode, even if it furthers Izzy’s villain status in the house.

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